Wall Lizard

Wall lizard.

When you have lizards in your home, it can be a little unsettling. They are a bit larger than regular bugs, so that means that there is a significant opening into the home in which they can enter. It is important to note where the hole is and fix it. Most of these items can be found already in your home or pantry.

If you don’t have them they can be found at any grocery store. Cost-effective and requiring little effort by you, your home will be rid of lizards in no time. Just remember not to let any other lizards in after the problem has been solved.

1. Naphthalene Balls

Also known as moth balls, these can be purchased at almost any store. They act as a repellent to not only lizards, but also other types of pests. These can be placed in wardrobes, under sinks, and under any large appliances.

2. “Pepper” Spray

Mixing water and red pepper flakes will create a natural pesticide spray. It can be used on kitchen racks, lights, in corners, and under large appliances. The spiciness of the pepper irritates any pests that are living there and repels any others that come across it. This can also be made using a mixture of Tabasco sauce and water.

3. Garlic Cloves

As weird as this sound, lizards hate the smell of garlic. Hang some garlic cloves around the home and this will drive them away. Alternatively, you can place the garlic cloves in the corners and entrances of the home and spray some garlic juice in the areas prone to see lizard activity.

4. Onion

Onion is another smell that lizards do not like. If possible, hang some onions around the doors, windows, and other places that are possible entrances. In addition to this, keep onion pieces in areas that are frequently occupied by lizards.

5. Cold Water

Spray the lizard with ice cold water when you see it. This easy and effective method will render the lizard immobile for just a little while. You can trap it and put it outside while it is confused.

6. Black Pepper Spray

This will make the lizards run away and never look back. The solution should be mixed as such- crushed black pepper, red chili powder, and water. This solution should be sprayed around the home and in all corners as well as windows and entrances. It is even helpful to spray this solution on the outside of the home, all around.

7. Phenyl Tablets

Place these tablets in all entryways of the home, including windows and doors. The smell of these tablets will repel the lizards and keep them away from the home. They can be bought online or at any drugstore.

8. Cardboard Box Method

This will in no way harm the lizard. Simply corner the lizard in your home, and trap it in a small cardboard box. When it is secured inside of the box, take the box outside and set the lizard free. It has no business being inside of your home, but on the outside it will act as natural pest control for other bugs.

9. Flypaper

This should be used as a last resort, as it usually injures if not kills the lizard. Place this is any corners out of the way, and around any windows. The lizards will be stuck on the flypaper and will not be able to get off. Check the flypaper frequently so that you can immediately remove any of the lizards that have become stuck.

10. Coffee Powder

This is also a method that should be a last resort as it can kill the lizards, though it is quite effective. Combine tobacco and coffee powder to make balls. Keep these balls that you have prepared in the corners of your home, and in places that lizards are known to go. The balls will either repel the lizards, or the lizards will ingest them and die.

Remember that it is your responsibility when lizards make their way inside, they can’t squeeze in through a pinhole. Eradicating these pests can be easy when you take all the right measures and figure out which method works best for your home.


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