Whiteflies also spread plant diseases.

Whiteflies also spread plant diseases.

When whiteflies get into your garden, it can cause a number of issues with your plants. Not only do whiteflies feed directly on plants, but they are also carriers for a number of diseases that affect gardens dramatically. Additionally, whiteflies can sometimes attract a number of other pests that can be harmful to the health of your plants, as well. Fortunately, there are several very effective means to get rid of whiteflies in your garden.

Here are five of the top ways to control a population of whiteflies in your home garden:

Method 1:  Natural Beneficial Predators

One of the most effective ways to deal with an infestation of whiteflies in your garden is to introduce parasitic wasps. These wasps are extremely small and cause no harm to people, plants, or animals, feeding only on whiteflies and other garden pests.

These parasitic wasps can be purchased online or from an agricultural supplier. They are relatively inexpensive, especially for smaller gardens, and can be used to deal with an infestation quickly and easily.

Method 2:  Wash Your Leaves

While this is a more time-consuming method to use, it is also completely free. Take a small syringe and wash down the leaves of all of the plants that have been affected by whiteflies, as well as the surrounding plants. Attention to detail is vital in fully removing the egg sacs of the whiteflies.

Once you have thoroughly washed the leaves with your syringe, use a hose to continue to spray down all of the affected plants to ensure that no adults, larvae, or eggs remain in your garden.

Method 3:  Apply Insecticidal Soaps

Soaps can be made into sprays.

Soaps can be made into sprays.

Insecticidal soaps can be a powerful solution to an infestation of whiteflies. They are easy to purchase from hardware and agricultural stores, don’t cost a lot of money, and do not cause damage to pets or other animals.

When using an insecticidal soap on your plants, be sure to cover each one thoroughly, applying it directly to the leaves and keeping a special focus on the underside of the leaves, where eggs are most likely to be attached.

It can be difficult to see the eggs of a whitefly, so don’t depend on your sight when you apply the soaps. Instead, treat every leaf as if it holds a set of eggs. By doing so, you make it less likely for individual whiteflies to survive and continue to reproduce.

Method 4:  Put Out Sticky Traps

If you want a less time-consuming method to deal with an infestation of whiteflies, you can purchase sticky traps that will lure whiteflies to a single location of your choice. These should be put up at the earliest part of the spring season around strategic places in your garden and replaced regularly.

Sticky traps are available to be purchased at most hardware and agricultural stores. Like insecticidal soap, they are effective and affordable, but do not require the introduction of any toxins to your garden. However, they may also attract beneficial insects to the traps, removing those that may be helpful as well as those that are harmful.

Method 5:  Apply an Oil-Based Solution

Several kinds of organic oils can be used to control a population of whiteflies. For homeowners that want more natural solutions to insect control, this is an effective solution. In addition to helping to get rid of whiteflies, these oils can attract beneficial insects that will naturally prey on the whiteflies and help your garden to thrive.

Organic oils are easily available to purchase online and come in a variety of forms. While it can take some time to adequately apply the oils to your houseplants and outdoor garden, you won’t have to re-apply these oils nearly as often as you may have to do with other solutions. They are safe for your plants, pets, and children, as well, which means that they are one of the best solutions available on the market today.

While whiteflies can be a nuisance to your gardening efforts, there are also numerous ways to deal with their presence. However, if you feel like you are unable to adequately address an infestation of whiteflies on your own, enlisting the assistance of a pest control company can be helpful.


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