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7 Ways to Avoid Taking Home Bedbugs

Bedbugs are highly contagious. It is a bit difficult to completely ensure that you will not be exposed to bedbugs while staying at a hotel, but there are some important steps that can be taken to significantly reduce the risk of...
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Delaware Library Finds Bedbugs in Its Books

Wilmington Public Library Earlier this year at downtown Wilmington’s main library branch, the librarians were noticing bedbugs in books that were being returned to the library. The return counters were treated for the pests, but this past week has seen the...
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A New Career | Bedbug-Sniffing Dogs

Sniffer dogs can detect bedbugs. There is a new pest problem on the horizon in the United States. These creatures seek out humans as food sources, create painful sores, and are seemingly immune to a number of common pest-control measures...
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Infestation of Bedbugs Found in an Ohio Hotel

Traveler Blake Gram ventured to Steubenville, Ohio on a trip for his business, but left the hotel the following morning with unintentional guests—bedbugs. After spending the night at a Best Western Plus, Gram awoke to find that he had developed...
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Bedbugs Invade Lakewood High School

Lakewood High Last week, Lakewood High School noticed bedbugs in its communal areas and classrooms. Parents received an email from the school superintendent on October 15th about a bedbug that was found in an item belonging to a student on October...
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