Some pests require the aid of the real pros.

Who is gnawing the furniture? Why are there holes in your clothes? What is that musty smell in your home? If you have been asking these questions lately, then there is a strong possibility that you might have pest infestation in your home.

To control pest infestation in your home, you can either opt for DIY methods or hire a professional pest control company. However, in case of a serious infestation problem, the latter option should be your first preference.

Pest Control Company Buying Guide

With so many pest control service providers on the market, choosing the best company for the job may become a daunting task especially if it is your first time. There are many features that you must evaluate and compare when choosing a professional to make an informed decision. After all you don’t want to hire a pest control company that is a complete rip off.

To help you make a wise decision, here’s the perfect pest control company buying guide. We have covered all the necessary and special features that you must consider when choosing a pest control service provider.

Is the Company Insured?

Make sure the pest control company carries general liability insurance. This insurance provides the insured financial and medical coverage in case of any mishap. This thus gives you, the home owner, a certain degree of protection from being sued should the worker be affected while pesticides are being applied on your property.

Experience Matters

It’s always wise to work with an experienced professional rather than a newbie. Working with a new pest control professional on the block is risky virtually because the inexperienced professional lacks expertise and the knowledge which comes from experience.

You’ve already made a huge investment on buying your home; are you ready to take the risk and let an inexperienced professional try his luck? Remember if the infestation is not controlled successfully and timely, it can lower your property value and besides in some cases may be hazardous to health.

Service Guarantee and Excellent Customer Support

Make sure the pest control company you opt for backs their services with a guarantee. A guarantee reflects the confidence the service provider has in the pest control service provided.

During market research you will come across several companies offering different levels of guarantee. Some will offer 100% while others may only offer 80%. Always opt for a pest control service offering the longest service guarantee.

Exterminators should exhibit the highest level of customer service.

Some pests require the aid of the real pros.

Along with service guarantee other factors that ensure the pest control company offers excellent customer support include return treatments, site monitoring, follow ups and 24 hour assistance.
Site monitoring and follow ups are definitely value adding features where the exterminator monitors the treated area to ensure that pests are exterminated for good.

So when you are paying a company for pest control, you want to make sure they deliver the best services and are always there for you when you need them.

Customized Plan and Pricing

Regardless of which state you live in majority of pest control service providers across the country offer free site inspection. They inspect your home for pest identification and the degree of infestation. So, this is great!

However, where many fail to become a good choice for hiring is when you require customized treatment plans at affordable prices.  So here are some tips for you in this regard:

  • Always give preference to the pest control company willing to provide you a customized pest control treatment plan according to your needs and specifications. For example if you prefer organic pesticides, they should be willing to devise a treatment plan accordingly rather than showing resistance.
  • The company should be willing to discuss pesticide formulation and treatment methods.
  • Pest control treatment pricing varies from company to company. It’s typically determined on the pest type and in square feet.  This means you may be charged differently for rodent control, ant control, flea control and others.
  • Therefore the company should provide you a detailed breakdown of the treatment pricing plan so that you are clear on the cost expense you are likely to incur and there are no surprises and major cost difference after the pest control treatment is complete. To give you a rough idea normally a basic customized service (1 Year) plan would be around $425 to $595. However, a onetime treatment plan may generally cost you approximately $180 to $275.

Contract Developed Jointly

Always choose a pest control service provider willing to negotiate terms and develop the contract jointly with the customer. Make sure all safety concerns, quality control measures, the pest control program term, procedure, pricing, estimated acres of land to be treated and other essential details are noted.

By keeping these tips in consideration, you can make a well-informed decision and ensure you are investing your time and money in the best pest control professional.


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