How to Get Rid of No See Ums

No See Ums are tiny flies, biting midges to be exact, that prove to be some of the most annoying pests imaginable. They’re also referred to as sandflies. No see ums are members of a family of flies called Ceratopogonidae which includes more than 4,000 species throughout the world.
Measuring between 1-3mm long, they are much smaller than mosquitoes but far more vicious in many respects. Like mosquitoes, they suck human blood but their bites usually are more painful leaving itchy, red welts or worse, lesions, if you have an allergic reaction.
How to Identify No See Ums
The fact that these midges are so small makes it very hard to identify them. Most victims of their bite, usually don’t even notice them until it’s too late when only the stark evidence of their bloodsucking nature is revealed through skin welts and legions.
But knowing what to look for and where can help you.