Wasps are known to be dangerous if left to hang around your home. Most people will end up suffering from the wasp sting that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Sometimes, you might have a serious injury if you are allergic to various insect stings. If wasps have invaded your favourite chill spot in the garden, it is time to find ways to eliminate them. The following methods will help you in getting rid of wasps.

  • Using soap sprays

You have to prepare a solution of soap that has a scent that will make it unbearable for the wasps to stay. You have to place the soap solution in the wasp nests. Be careful as the guarding wasp might easily sting you. You can use a garden hose to spray the solution in cases where the wasp nests seem too dangerous to reach.

  • Proper Disposal of Leftovers

Some substances in the food we eat are likely to attract the wasps in your home, especially food that is rich in sugary content. Make an effort to have a proper disposal method for such types of food. The best way to do this is to put leftovers in a sealed bag as you wait for the garbage truck.

  • Growing Plants that Deter Wasps

Still on the natural ways of eliminating wasps in your household, it is time to grow plants that can deter the invasion of wasps. The most commonly recommended plants include eucalyptus, mint, and wormwood, which are often called wasps deterrents. If wasps make it a habit to settle in your garden, plant some of these trees to get rid of them. The plants will beautify your garden, in addition to chasing wasps away.

  • Putting up Fake Wasp Nests

One thing you probably did not know is that the wasps are territorial. They would not want to set up their colony in a place that seems to have another colony already. The fake nests will trick the wasps into skipping your garden and head on to the next one. You can look online for tutorials on how to make the fake nests or simply buy one if it seems too hard.

  • Block the Underground Nests

It is easy sometimes to see the wasps setting up some underground nests. That gives an easy chance to eliminate the wasps without worrying about the stings. You have to fill the entrances leading to the underground nests with grease or any other cover material. This will make it hard for the wasps to get into the nests and those trapped inside will have to die eventually. You have to ensure that the cover is a tight seal so as not to give the wasps a chance to get into the nests. Soon or later, the wasps will have to move on since the current environment might be harsh for them.

  • Hanging a Sandwich Filled with Water

Having a sandwich filled with water is a great way to scare the wasps. The sandwich might act as a huge spider nest. The wasps are quite afraid of the spiders. They will know that it is time to move on to different territories that are far from your house. Designing a spider web from the sandwich should not be hard at all. You no longer have to worry about avoiding the stings while trying to kill them from their nests.

  • Setting up Traps

Sometimes you have to use the extreme measures of dealing with wasps, such as setting up traps. You can use the glass traps that will attract and kill them in your home. Finding the wasp traps should not be hard at all. Most of these traps can be found in stores near you. With the traps installed, expect to catch many wasps. This will surely reduce wasps within your home.

The methods mentioned above should help you in eliminating wasps quite easily. It’s also important to have regular inspections of your home and garden. This inspection is necessary to ensure you that you discover wasps within your home, before a break-out.



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