Electronic pest repellers provide homeowners the opportunity to make their homes pest free without having to resort to pest control services or using toxic chemical based pesticides themselves. Most of these devices are designed for indoor use. However, one of them, The Guardian™ works both ways.

The Guardian™ Electronic Control Pest Repeller

How does it work?

The Guardian™ by Good Life® is the first of its type. It is works better than electronic pest repellers that only specialize in repelling pests indoors. In other words, The Guardian™ can be used to repel pests in the furry variety such as squirrels and bats.

The device uses a sensor that senses motion. It can detect any outdoor pest from a scampering squirrel to a flapping bat. While the frequencies it emits are audible (not to mention annoying) to a large variety of pests, they cannot be heard by the human ear.

Here are some other facts that have made the product a hit with homeowners –

Alarm System and Strobe Light

Not only does the device work as a repellent, it also function as a pest alarm. The alarm is like a police siren that goes off whenever a pest steps a paw in its range. It also has an inbuilt strobe light. Why the manufacturers decided to built it in doesn’t come as a surprise.

Most pests are nocturnal which means that they forage during the night. Combine the high pitched alarm with a flashing strobe light, and pests won’t dare step anywhere near your home.


One of the most convenient aspects of the device is that it allows users to customize its frequencies according to the type of pests that they want to eradicate. A few taps on the control panel is all it takes to make your yard squirrel free or keeping that small brown bat from roosting in your attic. The volume and motion sensor can also be customized according to a person’s preferences.

The Guardian™ also uses the revolutionary Sound Sweep™ technology that modifies a frequency in order to blast certain types of pests with sounds that are particularly annoying to them.

In addition, the product’s thermal based sensor detects movement in the vicinity by picking up changes in heat signatures. In other words, any pest that scurries within five or even a hundred feet is picked up by the sensor. No skunk, squirrel or possum can sniff its way into your home when your back is turned with The Guardian™ standing sentinel.

A Remote on your Key-chain

The customization can also be done with a key-chain remote that comes with the device. You might need to adjust its frequency range if you spot a possum that doesn’t seem to hear the frequency you set. A few clicks on the remote make it possible for you to adjust the frequency, amp it up and blast the pest’s ears from where you stand.

Water Proof

How do you protect an electronic device from getting wet in the rain? You don’t have to with The Guardian™. The manufacturers had the foresight to make it water proof by adding a customized plastic rain jacket to it. The rain jacket also works against snowmelt. This protects it from rain and keeps its functioning all year round.

What types of pests can it repel?

The Guardian™ can repel pests such as bats, rats, mice, opossums, skunks and more. Not only does it repel them, its sound waves ensure that the pests do not come back on your property.

It’s perfectly safe

The frequencies emitted by The Guardian™ are not audible to the human ear. It won’t wake up your baby after you stayed away for hours to make him go to sleep.

Is it worth it?

A number of positive reviews, and the perks mentioned above make The Guardian™ seem like a lucrative investment for any home. The device can get rid of that pesky squirrel on your property without making your dog go crazy.

It is durable, it’s portable and it is designed with the safety of your home in mind. It helps you reclaim your yard from a number of furry pests such as possums or squirrels and spares your family from any potential diseases the critters might be carrying.

The fact that the product allows you to turn it on, off and customize its settings from a distance (or the safety of your home) to get rid of any pests that might be beyond its reach, is another reason why it is gaining popularity.

If that isn’t enough, the company says that its strobe light and alarm can also be used against pests of the two legged kind; no burglar would think about stepping a foot inside your home with The Guardian™ on guard.



  1. Jaye Peura 12:40 PM 25 December 2016

    How do you put the stone light on the case want open

  2. Jaye Peura 12:41 PM 25 December 2016

    How do you put the strobe light on the case want open

  3. Jessica 12:42 AM 7 March 2017

    Would it effect my outdoor cats? The raccoons have been coming on the porch eating the cats food and destroying the water and leaving a disaster

  4. Mark Hornsey 10:16 PM 21 May 2017

    These are flopping well audible to every single human ear – on at least half of the settings.

    They’ll get rid you and your neighbours before the pests have a chance to come along. If youre trying to get rid of animals on setting one and two – and there are people within 500mm of the unit – forget it.

    • 12:06 PM 22 May 2017

      Ah.. I can understand your concern, Mark.

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