dust mitesAre you cognizant of what goes on within your home or can you only vouch for what you see? Regardless of your response to the latter, there are organisms lurking in the shadows of your home, or in plain sight. Have you ever had one of those days where you find your immune system giving up, maybe to an Asthma attack? Did you discover what triggered such an attack? If not made obvious, you might be facing a ruthless attack by dust mites. As crazy as it sounds, these organisms prey on humans and are even more cunning than bed bugs. If you’ve not yet been informed, have your ears tickled with this dust mite fact sheet.

What are Dust Mites?

Dust mites are minute insects residing within the warmth of fibers, often found on your carpets, pillows, beddings and others. Unlike nuisances such as ticks and fleas, dust mites remain hidden to the naked eye. It’s often pronounced that they do not spread diseases nor do they bite. This makes the insect totally unpredictable and invisible. However, you can predict that they will feed on human skin. How so? Fancying warmth and humid environs, dust mites occupy much of your bed and mattress, where they have the perfect opportunity to feed on almost 2 pounds of dead skin (which humans shed per year) while snoozing.

The concern about dust mites, why?

If dust mites do not bite nor transmit diseases, why should we be concerned? Simply, a potent allergen is found in

allergy proof covers for mattress

allergy-proof covers for mattress

dust mites. This allergen has the ability to trigger or ‘send off’ one’s asthma. In fact, above 50% of asthmatics are allergic to dust mite allergens. If you fear that you might be sensitive or at risk to these allergens, consult an Immunologist or Allergist. Once a test of such is done and the results are positive, take steps to reduce your encounter with dust mites. Though challenging, it can be done.

How to reduce the presence of dust mites within the home

Dust mites are aficionados for carpets. That’s probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make – whether to remove or keep your carpets. Getting rid of your carpeting is tantamount. If you’re removing new carpeting, it might shed and profuse gas for some time. On the other hand, if you’re getting rid of old carpets, there’ll be loads of dirt trapped in it. If you’re thinking about vacuuming, that can be tedious. Why? Dirt and dust mites will be trapped within. With sucking pads on the end of their legs, dust mites are capable of holding on firmly, even withstanding the suction of a strong vacuum. If you’re not able to remove your carpets all together, consistent and regular cleaning is necessary. Evaluations have proven steam cleaning twice effective, in comparison to cool shampooing.

Where you lie, dust mites lie

Paying keen attention to your pillows and mattresses is tantamount since that’s where most dust mites will be found. Since they need to be closer to their food source – YOU – it’s important to repulse them. In this case, seal your

Proper ventillation

Proper ventilation

mattress in zippered and allergy proof covers.  These covers can be sourced at pharmacies, medical device stores, and home companies. If that’s not an avenue you wish to take, you can try to iron or apply heat to your bed linen before heading off to bed. That’s a tedious task but it sure does kill mites. Cleaning your bedroom regularly is also recommended.

Adjust humidity within your home

This is an important factor to consider when making attempts to rid your home of dust mites. Do not allow your house to become air tight or choked. Always ensure that a ventilation system is in place. This includes installing a heat exchanger. If you’re living in warmer countries, an air conditioner should be used to regulate the temperature in order to reduce the effects and growth or dust mites and mold.





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