Every night parents wish their children, “Goodnight and don’t let the bed bugs bite”, because they know that bed bugs do bite gravely. Bed bug bites leave small traces of blood on bed sheets, and usually, the bites are grouped together in a small area with the infection or rash in a zigzag irregular pattern. These bites mostly appear as small red, swollen pimple like spots with extreme itchiness and irritation. Bed bugs have a different effect on each individual. It’s a complete possibility that someone may not develop any rash or blisters after a bug has sucked their blood and might go undetected. However, some people might develop swelling or red wilts after a bed bug attack. These marks are straightforwardly visible on white and tan complexion skins. On dark skins, the only symptom may be itchiness and swelling.

A typical bed bug

 A typical bed bug

Dissimilar to many other insects, bed bug bites may appear in constricted lines of several small red marks where multiple bed bugs have fed along a naked area. Initially, the victim may even feel a slight burning sensation on the infected region. The burning area then develops red bumps, called papules or wheals. In some extreme cases, bites may even swell intensely or turn into blister-like skin inflammations.

There are numerous approaches to treating a bed bug bite, each demanding merely care and regularity. These include:

  • Use of medicine

Applying anti-itching creams, calamine lotion, and taking antibiotics after consulting with a doctor will surely heal the rashes and inflammation.

  • Treating the bed bug bites with home remedies

Home remedies include a few ways to get rid of bug bites. Firstly, make a thick paste of baking soda and water. Apply this paste on the bitten area and let it stay for about an hour, and then wash it thoroughly with water. Secondly, wet a cotton ball with lemon juice or witch hazel and apply it on the rash. The natural astringents will heal all inflammations. Thirdly, apply gel on the bites from the Aloe Vera plant, as it is anti-fungal and antibiotic in nature.

In order to eradicate or get rid of bed bugs themselves, there are quick and severe methods. They are described

Aloe Vera - Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites

Use Aloe Vera gel to treat bed bug bites


  • Sunbath

In the event your bed should become infested, dismantle the bed and all its components. Change the sheets and place the mattress, quilts, pillows and if possible each component of the bed out in the sun for a few hours. The ideal minimum temperature to achieve is 120°F or 48.8ºC.

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

This approach allows the homeowner to take multiple procedures and preventive measures, and apply chemicals in targeted locations all throughout the home.

  • Empty nightstands and dressers

Frequently, bugs tend to hide in closets, night stands dressers, bed cushions and even in the fur of stuffed toys. Therefore, once you’ve identified bed bugs within your home, it’s important to empty drawers, place stuffed toys out in sunlight or vacuum areas in which they hide. It is also advisable to trash and discard all bed bug infected items in the house.

  • Apply steam

Applying steam is also another effective approach in exterminating bed bugs. One may easily obtain a simple household tool capable of producing steam from any hardware store.  A simple way is to use an electric kettle by applying a spray in front of it. Spray steam in all nooks and corners of your house and the steam will immediately kill all bed bugs and their eggs.

  • Professional pest control company

If you’ve tried everything but is still plagued by bed bugs, it’s definitely time to roll out the big guns and call a professional.  In order to effectively treat an infestation, most people use a pest control company. These companies apply specific chemicals around the home and use advanced tools and instruments for vacuuming.


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