get rid of fleasGetting rid of fleas is not an easy task, nor can it be accomplished in one go. You have to understand that solving your pets’ problems will not get rid of the entire problem.

It is important that the fleas on your pets and the fleas in your home be terminated at the same time. Only 5 % will actually be present on your dog, while the rest will be hiding in seemingly unlikely places in your home. So even if you were to kill the fleas on your pet, there might be more lying in wait.

This article will explain the method through which you can kill the fleas on your own. It’s time to declare war against all the fleas which have been bugging you for a while and start exterminating all of them. To do this, you must have ample time on your hands, as this requires serious determination and effort. Of course, you could always call in the professionals and let them handle this tardy task. But if you are serious about doing it yourself, then it’s time to gear up and get ready to fight.

You don’t actually have to wait for a flea infestation to take place, before taking these steps. These steps can be initiated immediately if you never want a flea to enter your home or bother your pet. Taking control of the flea infestation should take up most of your time. After that, maintaining control is a simple matter.

Breaking the Hold

As mentioned previously, it is imperative that you treat your pet and house on the same day to get rid of all the fleas in one go. Otherwise, this will become a recurring problem for you. Getting rid of them on your own will become harder and a more tedious task every time.

Vacuuming Everything

Vacuuming your home should be the first step. From your floors, to your furniture, windows, doors, carpets, rugs, beddings, sofas, cushions,  leave no stone unturned in your fight against these sneaky little creatures. Pay close attention to corners, crevices, or small openings where these bugs might take refuge. Vacuum under your beds, sofas, and any other cramped or small spaces, do not leave a single space to spare.

The vibrations from the vacuum attract the fleas, and make them emerge out of their hide outs.  This makes vacuuming, one of the most ideal tools you can use in your war against these irritating creatures. The fleas will emerge and get caught up by the insecticides which will be sprayed later on.

Spraying Insecticides

There are many different products to use when you are trying to get rid of fleas. When choosing from the array of options you have, read the label and select an insecticide which has Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) as an ingredient in it. This is an ingredient which must be present in the insecticide you use; otherwise, your whole effort would have been in vain.

Spray everything with the insecticides. Pay special attention to the place where your pet sleeps and any other holding which might look suspicious to you. Make sure to spray each and every nook and cranny of your house, so that you don’t miss out on a heavily infested place.  Spray both lightest and dark areas, since developing fleas take shelter in the darker parts of your house.

Once you are done spraying in every place in your house, it will be  time to take the fight to the fleas’ turf. Where are those, you ask? Your yard! Go out in your yard, and spray the insecticide in all the places, particularly where your pet spends most of its time. Make sure to spray in every crevice you come across, in the sandy parts of your yard and even the gravel. Do not leave a single place.

However, there is one thing which you must take into consideration; the flea pupae. It will be protected with a water proof covering, so your spray will not affect  the pupae inside. You might end up having to face another flea infestation even after you have already done the sweep. So keep that in mind when you are getting rid of fleas on your own.

Pet Treatments

Finally, it is time to treat your pet. New products have been introduced which are quite effective when it comes to solving your pet’s flea problem.

These come in the form of powders, collars, dips, and even tablets. All of these are exceptionally healthy methods of getting rid of the flea infestation on your pet, and preventing it from happening ever again.

Make sure that you select your product wisely, and then live a flea free life in your home. However, there still remains the issue of the fleas in their pupae stage. What do you do with them? In this case, you can repeat the process again or bring in pest control and let them sweep your house clean for you.


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