Bigfork, Montana City Guide

Bigfork, Montana is a small city situated in Flathead County. It has a population of a little over 4,000 residents and covers an area of about 6 square miles, giving the city a population density of under 1,000 residents per square mile. The historical provenance of Bigfork is

Bigfork, Montana linked to a late 19th century homestead and orchard that was established in the area at that time. This connection has made Bigfork become a major cherry growing area in Flathead County.

The climate of Bigfork and the surrounding area is classified as ‘cold semi-arid’, which sees the city experiencing long, cold winters and hot, dry summers. As the climate classification suggests, the area experiences very little precipitation throughout the year, with less than 20 inches of annual rainfall. Snowfall, however, is moderately high with over 50 inches per year on average. The mountainous terrain typical of the area limits extreme weather events throughout the year. Subsequently, the climate profile typical of Bigfork sees fairly average pest activity due to low average annual temperatures and minimal exposure to extreme weather events. The harsh cold of the winter, however, may drive pests in to residences to seek shelter and a safe place to nest.

Due to the extreme winter cold that Bigfork may experience during the winter months (with temperatures regularly dipping below -35 degrees), it is not uncommon for rodent infestation to be a problem during the colder weather. Rats and mice can be a real concern for homeowners and residence due to their ability to squeeze through tiny cracks, nest, and reproduce in large numbers. These rodents can spread disease, get into and contaminate food stores, and chew through electrical wiring and cables.

The first step in keeping rodents from infesting a home is to prevent them from getting inside. Closing up external gaps and access points bigger than a quarter of an inch is an obvious way to ensure this. Additionally, it is a good idea to keep tree branches and shrubbery away from a building’s walls, roof, and guttering. Once inside, however, these critters can be quite tricky to get rid of through DIY methods alone. Mice and rats may avoid bait in favor of other food sources (if they can be found) and traps are also easy for these pests to evade. It is not uncommon to check a mouse trap, only to find that the carefully positioned bait intended to lure a mouse into the trap has been carefully nibbled away with the trap remaining set.

A good choice for pest removal concerns (including rodents and other pest varieties) in the area is Bug Hunters Pest Control. As their name suggests, they can handle a wide range of bug and insect pests and also provide services for pest animal removal. Other good options for professional pest control in the Bigfork area are Quinn Pest Control and Jones Pest Control.

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