Boise, Idaho:

Boise, Idaho

Boise has a common pest problem due primarily to the climate and humidity of the city. It’s very dry and hot, attracting numerous insects, creatures and pests seeking shelter in the city’s homes and businesses.

Boise, located in Idaho, is one of the most popular cities in the state. Nature is a large part of the identity and attraction of Boise. The city includes Rocky Mountains and the Boise River and it experiences four seasons every year – spring, summer, autumn and winter. The winter months aren’t  too cold, whereas the summer months, although hot, get very dry. July and August are the hottest months of the year with temperatures reaching 91 Fahrenheit and the coldest months of the year being December and January with temperatures dropping to 38 Fahrenheit. On average, the city sees 12 inches of rainfall and 20 inches of snowfall a year.

Boise’s cool nights and pleasant breezes provide the perfect climate for critters such as bees, ants and termites. Boise, a high desert city, with so much sunshine and so little snow and rain, provides a perfect home and breeding ground for these pests. The city’s pest problem is caused and fuelled by the dry and warm climate, the vast amount of nature, rivers and woods that Boise boasts. These factors contribute immensely towards an increased pest problem all year around.

Despite homeowners’ attempt to rid their home of pests by using various DIY methods, it proves ineffective. The most common of which is the ‘starving’ method. This method involves ensuring all food and drink products are stored away correctly, leaving no food uncovered for pests to feed. When food is stored in thick plastic containers, creatures such as mice and flies are prevented from accessing sustenance which in turn forces them to leave and find food elsewhere. Although these methods are ineffective in complete elimination of pests, it does help to reduce the infestation of pests in the home. Other DIY methods include setting traps, filling structural cracks inside and outside homes to prevent pests entering the home.

An alternative and most reliable and effective method of ridding homes of pests is by hiring a professional pest exterminator. Such service providers have the skills and ability to considerably reduce or completely eliminate pest problems in a safe and controlled manner. Pest control service providers such as Gemtek Pest Control in Boise is a licensed and economically friendly company that conducts detailed and thorough examinations of contaminated homes, provides detailed reports of pest problems and explains the options available to resolve the pest issues. Most pest control services use strong poison, iCAP and VERGE technology to rid homes of unwanted critters. Other pest control and exterminating services in Boise include Sawyer Pest Control, Best pest Control and Bug Boyz Pest Control, all of which offers reliable and effective services in reducing and eliminating pest problems.

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