Brookhurst, WY City Guide

Brookhurst is a very small community of around 200 residents and is located in Natrona Country in the state of Wyoming. The closest major city to Brookhurst is Cheyenne, some 174 miles away, while the nearest urban center can be found in the town of Casper, some 7 miles from Brookhurst. It sits at an elevation of 5,118 feet and covers a total land area of less than 1 square mile. Despite its small size, the town ranks in the top 40 percent in terms of population in Wyoming and in the top 60 percent for population density. The geography surrounding the Brookhurst area is decidedly rural, with some mountainous terrain in the area. There are approximately 100 dwellings within Brookhurst, and the following will look at some of the pest problems that they are likely to experience.

The climate in Brookhurst and surrounding areas is classified as a ‘semi-arid’ climate zone, which is prone to long, cold and dry winters and hot, dry summer. Fall and spring, meanwhile, are characteristically mild. The area experiences significant snowfall during the winter and spring, recording around 76 inches per year on average, while rainfall is limited to around 10 inches annually. Brookhurst is otherwise generally spared from extreme weather events. These climactic conditions encourage the local pest population to seek shelter in homes during the winter and spring months, and may also become more active during the summer.

Typical pest problems in Brookhurst can include termites, rodents and ants. Rodents are particularly likely to enter homes to escape the extreme winter weather, where they may nest and breed. This is problematic for homeowners as rats and mice can cause numerous problems; from spreading disease through excrement and the bugs they carry, to chewing through food packets and electrical cables. To keep rodents out of a home, care should be taken to maintain a clean residence free from the clutter that rats and mice like to nest in, and to seal up any holes or gaps that rodents may access a domicile through. Rat or mice infestation may be treated effectively through the DIY use of traps or poison; however, using a professional exterminator can take a lot of the mess and headache out of dealing with a rodent problem yourself.

Ant infestation, as with many residential locations, can be problematic for residents in the Brookhurst area. There are many different species of ant that can be found in and around the home; however, they all share certain characteristics that make them unwanted pests. Ants are highly social creatures and can move and work together in number from anywhere between a dozen to hundreds. If one solitary ant is found inside a home, odds are likely that there are dozens, hundreds, or possibly even thousands more nearby. The main problem with ants as a house pest is that they are attracted to food sources in the home, which they scavenge and carry back to their nest. This can lead to unhygienic contamination of food stuffs in the home, while some ant species (such as fire ants) can be particularly aggressive and deliver a nasty, painful bite. Ant infestation may be treated with special ant bait or poison, but for the most complete and effective treatment of serious ant infestations, the service of a professional exterminator may be warranted.

Two good options for pest control in the Brookhurst area include Wyoming Termite & Pest Control and Best Pest Control. The two companies provide a range of pest management solutions and can assist with any pest problem.

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