Chepachet, Rhode Island

Chepachet, Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a state in the New England region of the US and is home to the village of Chepachet, a census-designed place located in the town of Glocester in the north-western part of Rhode Island State. The village has a population of around 2,000 residents and has a lot of plantation and nature. Chepachet gets an average of 47 inches of rainfall, 37 inches of snowfall and 201 sunny days per year. The month of July has the hottest days of the year with temperatures reaching 82 degrees while the month of January has the coldest days of the year with temperatures dropping to 19 degrees. The village’s cold winters prompts pests to leave the nearby trees, bushes and plants and enter homes for shelter and food.

Chepachet’s pest problem is caused by two elements; the vast amounts of plants and nature close to residential homes, and the cold winters in Chepachet. Pests such as rodents and cockroaches enter homes looking for warmth and food sources. They enter homes, make their nests and breed rapidly, causing minor to major infestations, depending on how quickly home owners are able to identify a pest problem. Not only do these pests cause a lot of resident’s distress and sleepless nights, they also carry many diseases and can cause severe damage to the structure of properties, thus creating thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. The main culprits that cause this are rodents and termites.

Although termites can be very beneficial for the environment, as they break down debris, dead leaves and plants, but they also do the same to homes, usually ones that have been newly renovated, and cause a lot of damage sometimes to severe extents. The supports and structure of many homes in Chepachet are made of wood and dry wall which termites can chew through with ease. With the capability of chewing through just about most materials, termites could cause irreversible damage within days and weeks, if they feed in large colonies.

Rodents also have the ability to cause serious damage to property structures as they have extremely strong jaws and teeth which enable them to chew through pipes, furniture, wood, etc. Rats pose more of a threat than termites as they gnaw through wires often and could easily start an electrical fire. It can cost a lot of money to get rodent damaged properties repaired and homes could become weak and dangerous to reside in. Many insurance companies don’t cover pest damages and the ones that do pay little out towards repairs.

In a bid to save money, home owners attempt to rid their homes of pests themselves before they contact specialists. They use methods such as filling holes, inside and outside properties, with cement and steel wool to prevent pests from entering and creating problems, they also use traps, bait, poison and ‘starving’ (storing all food in glass or metal containers to prevent pests from contaminating food). Although these methods are effective in reducing minor infestations they are useless against large infestations and are a waste of time. The only way to get rid of such infestations is to contact a specialist and hire their services. Pest controllers not only have the knowledge and expertise, they also have the correct equipment to successfully and properly rid homes of pests. DIY pest controlling can be quite dangerous as homeowners do not know the species of pests or what dangers specific pests carry, not knowing this could make infestations worse if the correct treatment is not applied.

Pest controlling companies provide facts and information on the pest problem and the damage caused. They also offer quote and options to home owners and eliminate pests when home owners give them the greenlight. Pest control companies in Chepachet that provide high quality and thorough pest controlling services include Orkin and Debug Pest Control. Both offer highly effective treatments and services to homeowners.


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