Columbus, OH City guide

Columbus boasts a humid, continental climate which means that while some exotic pests associated with hotter climates aren’t a concern, conditions are just perfect for more common critters to multiply in big numbers! It experiences both severe winters and hot summers, and has no dry season. The area is also prone to low pressure storm systems, and sporadic tornado activity. The sheer variety of weather systems in the area make it difficult to predict just what types of pest infestations may occur in the area. As a result, residents should expect to be prepared to battle with a wide range of creepy crawlies all year round!

As a populous city with a significant degree of urban sprawl, Columbus is prone to infestations that are associated with high density living, such as bedbugs, cockroach and rodent infestations. Columbus holds the dubious honor of being the country’s 7th most infested city in terms of bedbugs. It is also the third most populous city in the American Mid-West, and is affected by many of the above pest problems that normally go in hand with medium to large metropolises. Meanwhile, the proliferation of timber houses in Columbus suburbs makes termite infestation a particular concern.

Common pests in the Columbus area include bedbugs, termites, and ‘stink bugs’. Bedbugs are highly mobile as they can quickly infest not only the home, but also spread rapidly through clothing and other items. Bedbugs can be easily picked up by spending a night in an infested hotel or guest dwelling, and unknowingly transported back into your own home. To successfully eradicate a bedbug infestation, treatment should be immediate and thorough. When treating bedbugs with a DIY method, thorough cleaning and vacuuming is often insufficient for complete eradication; typically, the uses of insecticide bombs or powders are required to completely remove bedbugs from your home. As with many infestations, bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate in an apartment complex without a coordinated effort. In these cases, eradication is usually most successful when carried out by a professional pest control service.

Termites, another common pest problem in Columbus, can cause serious structural damage to any structure made from timber, including the family home. What’s more, termite infestation can go on for months or even years without any obvious signs of infestation. This can lead to thousands of dollars worth of damage being done to your property, which in some of the more severe cases, can be irreparable. For this reason, it is vitally important to be aware of some of the early signs of termite infestation. Aside from obvious signs of structural invasion by termites, these can include sagging walls and roofs, and the presence of shed termite wings or termite feces (‘pellets’). Once an infestation is suspected, your best bet is to call in the professionals as the consequences of ineffective termite removal can be severe.

The unpleasantly (and appropriately) named ‘stink bug’ is another type of pest common to the Columbus, Ohio area. These shield-shaped bugs make their presence known by emitting a foul odor which is impossible to ignore. The fact that they don’t bite makes their removal relatively easy – they are best picked up or vacuumed individually. Stink bugs are normally most active in the winter months and are a relatively new problem in Ohio and surrounding states. Because their presence is easy to detect (based on their distinctive odor) and they can be safely and easily removed by homeowners, DIY eradication of these bugs may be possible. However, if the infestation is too large, or the bugs enter hard or impossible to reach places in your home, a professional pest control service can again be the best option.

A common query for many tenants of rented properties is who should foot the bill when a pest control service needs to be called upon. Although the answer to this conundrum can vary depending on where exactly in Ohio state you live, for residents of the Columbus area the answer is relatively clear cut. Under Ohio state law, a landlord must comply with all applicable building, health, safety and housing codes within that jurisdiction. City of Columbus Housing Code Chapter 4551 states that a landlord “is responsible for elimination of insects, rats, or other pests in a dwelling containing two or more dwelling units…” Therefore, the burden of cost for an extermination service clearly rests with the landlord in such cases.

The good news for Columbus residents and landlords is that once you decide that you need to call on a professional pest control service, there are plenty of reputable options in the area. Founded around 1860 in Cincinnati, Rose Pest Solutions is one of Ohio’s oldest pest control companies. Rose Pest Solutions offers a wide range of extermination services, from fumigation, to rodent control, to heating treatment services. Additionally, they have a large team of entomologists who are expertly trained in identifying and eradicating problem bugs. There are many other providers to choose from in the Columbus area, including Columbus Pest Control Inc., EnviroCare Pest Solutions, and Stryker Pest Control, to name just a few.

Columbus, Ohio, is home to a range of pest control issues, from bedbugs, to termites, to stink bugs, and many more. DIY solutions for these pest issues are possible, but it is generally best practice to employ the service of a professional pest control agency to ensure safe and thorough eradication. Furthermore, this option can save you in the long run, by avoiding wasting time and money on ineffective DIY treatments.


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