Cos Cob, Connecticut

Cos Cob, Connecticut

The community of Cos Cob experiences frequent pest problems due to the vast nature and ideal climate of the place. Pests such as cockroaches, rodents, bees, termites, ants, beetles etc. enter homes looking for shelter during the cold and uncomfortable months and can cause a lot of damage to home, occupant’s health and property.

Connecticut is located in the New England region of the US and is usually categorized into the Tri-State area of the US. It is the 48th largest state in the country and is the 29th most populated state out of the 50. Connecticut is located near Long Island, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The state also includes 169 towns and various lakes, rivers and mountains. Cos Cob is based in the town of Greenwich, in the state of Connecticut, and has a population of around 7,000 residents. It is a very earthy and green place. This provides more opportunities for pests to enter homes as they can do so by falling off trees close to the properties onto roofs, from bushes located near open windows etc.

The wet and warm climate conditions and contrasts are also a cause of Cos Cobs pest issues. On average, the community gets 47 inches of rainfall, 26 inches of snowfall and 175 sunny days per year. The month of July has the hottest days of the year with temperatures reaching 84 degrees and the month of January has the coldest days of the year with temperatures dropping to 20 degrees.

Pests cause a lot of issues when they infest homes, primarily to home occupants’ health and the structural damage of properties. Pests such as rodents and termites can cause severe damage to the health of people with weak immune systems and cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to properties if they aren’t controlled and removed before they expand and become out of control.

Termites, although they can be beneficial for the environment as they break down dead leaves, plants and debris, they also do the same things to homes, usually after they have been renovated and in extreme cases, they can cause severe damage that cannot be repaired. They can easily chew through wood and dry wall, and they also have the capability of chewing through just about most materials. If they feed together in large groups, they could cause expensive and extreme damage to properties within a matter of weeks. Rodents also have the ability to get through just about any material as they have strong jaws and teeth, this could lead to them causing a lot of serious damage to properties in a short amount of time. This is why it is so important for them to be dealt with as soon as they are spotted because, if left untreated, the problem could escalate and become serious very quickly.

Homeowners try DIY methods of pest controlling to save money before they consult a specialist and professional. They use such methods as setting traps and bait, putting poison in areas where they are likely to be or have been seen and store all food in air tight, pest-proof containers and jars to prevent them from being contaminated. Although these methods have an effect on minor infestations, they are useless and unsuccessful with large ones as they aren’t strong enough or quick enough to prevent them from breeding and causing more damage.

The most successful and reliable way of getting rid of pests is by hiring a fully qualified pest controller or exterminator. Not only do they have the experience and knowledge, they also have the equipment and mean to effectively get rid of all pests in homes and offer multiple options according to every individual case. Western Pest Services are a certified pest controlling company that have the expertise and equipment to deal with pretty much all pest infestations quickly and effectively. They carry out detailed searches of homes to identify the pest infestation size and type, come up with a plan of action and use strong pesticides to get rid of unwanted pests and keep them away.


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