Country Life Acres, Missouri

Country Life Acres, Missouri

The village of Country Life Acres has an ongoing pest problem that is present throughout the community. Pests such as wasps, cockroaches, beetles, termites etc. are not only a nuisance for home owners but they also bring with them a number of risks that affect the health of home occupants and the structure of their property.

The State of Missouri is based in the Midwestern part of the US and is the 18th most populated state out of the 50. It is made up of 114 counties as well as St. Louis, an independent city. Country Life Acres is a small village located in Missouri, which has a population of around 100 residents. The village has a lot of nature; greenery and fields, this contributes to the pest issues as it provides an ideal and suitable environment for them to survive in. Country Life Acres gets on average 41 inches of rainfall, 16 inches of snowfall and 199 sunny days a year. The month of July has the hottest days of the year with temperatures reaching 89 degrees and the month of January has the coldest days of the year with temperatures dropping to 18 degrees. The village’s common pest issues come as a result of the nature and climate, the village provides the ideal moderate temperatures and habitat for pests.

When pests enter homes, they not only cause homeowners a lot of emotional distress and inconvenience, they also can cause detrimental damage to the home and the structure of property. The most common and dangerous house pests are rodents and cockroaches, when they enter homes, they breed rapidly and small infestations can soon turn into large, dangerous and uncontrollable ones if they aren’t dealt with as soon are they are spotted.

Rodents bring with them a wide range of threats and dangers, they can carry up to around 30 diseases and bacteria on their bodies and in their blood, droppings and urine at one time. This is due to them eating from and running through filthy places such as sewers and bins. These include e-coli and salmonella that is commonly found on pests that enter homes. Rodents spread these diseases and bacteria easily through their droppings and bodily waste, contaminating food preparation and eating surfaces and food products in homes. Rodent infestations can cause health deterioration for occupants such as young children, asthmatics, pregnant women, elderly people etc. Their presence and scent can cause breathing problems, they can also cause frequent attacks in asthmatics, cause skin irritation and discomfort as well as a number of other health issues.

Cockroaches are also common yet harmful pests that appear in the homes of Country Life Acres residents. Many people are susceptible to cockroach allergies that are developed through the faeces and saliva on food preparation and eating surfaces, contaminated food etc., they are also developed from the decomposing bodies of the pests that release irritating and harmful gas that can contaminate entire homes. They transmit toxic bacteria such as e-coli and salmonella, this can lead to contamination. Consumption of tainted food or using a contaminated utensil can lead to home occupants becoming unwell and, those who have weak immune systems, being hospitalised in the most extreme cases.

Before consulting a professional pest controller, many home owners try to handle pest infestations on their own using inexpensive DIY methods. They aren’t very successful in getting rid of pests completely but they are great prevention methods that are successful in keeping pests away when infestations have been cleared. The most common DIY tactics used include sealing up holes and gaps inside and outside the property to stop other pests from entering the home and increasing the infestation size and species, ensuring the home is dry and clean to provide an uncomfortable and unwelcoming environment for pests to ward them away and using natural scents and essential oils to cause discomfort and slight pain to pests to push them out of the home. These methods are more successful and useful to prevent infestations rather than getting rid of them when they have happened.

In order to fully rid homes of infestations, the best and most effective way of doing so is by appointing the help and services of a licensed and fully qualified pest controller. They thoroughly remove all pests from homes and restore homeowner’s piece of mind and put prevention measures in place to reduce the chances of an infestation from occurring again in the future.

Unique Pest and Lawn Solutions is a certified and professional pest controlling company that offers customers various solutions to their pest problems, conducts inspections of homes for pests and provides reliable pest controlling services to customers. Pioneer Pest Management is also a popular and highly reputable pest controlling company that offers guaranteed pest removal services

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