Fort Wayne, Indiana City guide

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne’s most common and stubborn pests are general house critters that can be found in the homes of people in different cities across the country. These include mice, rats, woodlice, cockroaches, termites, spiders, bed bugs, mosquitoes and yellow jackets. They seek shelter and food in homes due to the cold climate of Fort Wayne and are a continuous nuisance to homeowners.

Having an average of 182 sunny days a year, Indiana is the 38th largest state in the US and contains a total of 5 square miles of water surface in its boundaries. The city of Fort Wayne sees 37 inches of rain and 32 inches of snowfall each year. In July, the highest temperature is around 84 degrees and the lowest in January is 17 degrees. The weather there is very unpredictable; snowing one day and full of sunshine the next day. The weather in Fort Wayne plays an immense role in the pest infestation problems within the city. As it is a relatively clean and tidy place, excessive waste is not a contributing factor in pest infestations. Instead, unpredictable weather and a generally cold climate are the primary cause of pests such as rodents, insects and biting and stinging creatures (bed bugs and Hornets).

These critters are the most common and frequently reported pests with Fort Wayne homes, as the city’s weather is generally cold and damp, it is unlikely that there are scorpions, fire ants and other lethal creatures causing home invasions as Fort Wayne’s climate isn’t suitable for such pests to survive in.

The most popular pest control method is DIY, at the first sighting of a pest, Fort Wayne homeowners, as well as homeowners from across the US try to resolve the issue themselves because it is the cheapest way to get rid of pests, however, it is also the most ineffective. Even generic pests need strong chemicals and advanced equipment to be eliminated and popular tactics include placing poison in areas where pests have been seen or are expected to be, using bait to capture them, using traps to kill them, etc. These DIY methods are time-consuming and tedious, whilst they may slow down the breeding process and control the situation, they do not get rid of pests for good.

The most effective and quick method of getting rid of pests effectively and completely is by hiring a licensed exterminator to do the job. Even though common house pests are easier to get rid of than reptiles, wildlife, etc. it does take advanced modern equipment and strong chemicals to wipe them out completely. Granted, contracting an exterminator to resolve pest problems can be expensive, it is nevertheless worth it, as such provide expert and reliable advice on how to prevent another infestation in the future and they deal with the problem carefully and correctly.

There is a wide range of pest control and extermination companies available for homeowners in Fort Wayne to choose from, for example, Arrow Pest Control is a locally owned company that has been in the pest controlling business for over 55 years, they provide people with free estimates for pest control services and offer free, reliable advice and information. They conduct examinations and give a detailed diagnosis and complete work to code. Other pest controlling organizations in Fort Wayne include Arab Termite and Pest Control, Lady Bug Exterminators and Home Town Pest Control.


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