Fort Worth, Texas                              

       Fort Worth, Texas   
As an adjunct to Dallas, Fort Worth shares as very similar pest profile to that of its twin city. As the 17th largest city in America (with a population of around 800,000 people), Fort Worth contains a lot of different types of buildings and dwellings that can be subject to various pest control problems. The following article will take a look at some of the main bug and pest problems typical of the area and provide advice on how these can be addressed.

Fort Worth is home to a whole host of different bugs and other potential pest problems, in part thanks to its warm climate. The city and surrounds are subject to a ‘humid subtropical climate’ which sees the area experience hot, humid summers and mild, if cool winters. As a result, bugs and other pests remain active throughout the year. Additionally, Fort Worth’s geographic location in the North of Texas makes the city particularly prone to ‘super cell’ thunderstorms and tornadoes, which can disturb pests and drive them into homes for shelter during extreme weather events.

Some of the more common pest problems in the Fort Worth area include cockroaches, spiders and fire ants. Cockroaches are a common complaint in many cities and Fort Worth is certainly no exception to this rule. These bugs are attracted to food waste and debris and hide in dark spaces around the home, particularly the kitchen. Cockroaches are also famously hardy and can survive undisturbed in your home for many seasons. They can pose a health risk to humans by easily spreading germs around the home, which perhaps helps to explain our natural aversion to the pests. Thorough eradication of cockroaches involves bug bombing a building, due to the tendency of the pests to hide out in cracks and crevices throughout the home. However, these treatments can be dangerous and ineffective if carried out improperly. For thorough and safe cockroach extermination, one should consult the services of a certified pest control agency.

Meanwhile, fire ants can be another troublesome pest that can quickly infest a property, thanks to fire ant colonies containing hundreds of thousands of workers. These pests have a painful bite and are very aggressive, with a tendency to sting repeatedly once aggravated. Their presence can be identified by the appearance of large sandy mounds, up to around 20 centimeters in height. Though often an outdoor problem, fire ants can invade homes and, thanks to their large numbers, quickly become a troublesome pest problem. If fire ants are detected in or around a dwelling, a pest control agent can quickly and efficiently eradicate the problem and eliminate any existing colonies.

One of the foremost pest control companies servicing the Fort Worth area is Savior Termite & Pest Control. Savior is a family owned and operated business and offers a wide range of pest control solutions, including termite extermination, ‘dangerous’ pest control, and wildlife removal services. They offer free inspections throughout Tarrant County up to a value of $100.  Other reputable pest control companies in the Fort Worth area include Alamo Termite & Pest Control, Ameri-tech Pest Control and Metro Guard Termite & Pest Control.


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