Henderson, Nevada


Henderson, Nevada

Due to its dry winters, unbearably hot summers and rainy spring, Henderson is a breeding ground for pests such as bees, ants, spiders, scorpions, lizards, etc. The primary cause of insect and critter multiplication is Henderson’s unique weather patterns and climate and the atmosphere changes.

The state of Nevada, the seventh largest state of the 50 in the USA, located in the Great Basin Desert, is the driest state in America, receiving less rainfall than any other in the country. Seeing only 5 inches of rainfall and 1 inch of snowfall each year, Henderson is one of the hottest cities in America. With the lowest temperature in January being 31 degrees and the highest in July being around 104 degrees, the city is riddled with millions of critters, all from hundreds of different species. Being in the desert, Henderson has an extremely dry and humid climate, this leads to pests and rodents breeding a lot faster than they usually would in places with colder climates.

Unlike most cities in the US, Henderson’s pest issues involve more than just common field mice and spiders; instead, the city is overflowing with threatening pests such as scorpions, lizards and lethal bees. These pests are a common and a very  problematic issue in most households. With regards to the nature of these pests, homeowners do not, in most cases, attempt to tackle the pest problems themselves due to the unknown species and fear of the pests infesting their homes.  Such creatures pose a greater and extremely concerning threat to residents.  DIY pest control methods would be ineffective for the pest problems in Henderson homes, strong poison and heavy metal traps are found to be more effective in ridding homes of these creatures.

When such a problem is identified in a home, home owners instantly opt to contact professionals to deal with the problem in a safe and efficient manner. There are very limited methods to effectively prevent such creatures entering homes in Henderson, as the location and climate of the city means that the pests will look for shelter and food within homes. However, the most common prevention method used in Henderson, is to ensure food items are securely stored, also to ensure all holes, cracks and crevices are filled and sealed to prevent them entering homes.

Alternative methods to prevent and control insects, reptiles and rodents from multiplying and spreading is by placing poison in areas commonly  visited by these creatures. Traps, baits and natural insect and pest repelling oils and scents can also be used to ward off minor infestation cases, however, severe reptile infestations need to be dealt with by a professional to ensure that the dangerous species are eliminated and removed safely and effectively.

In the state of Nevada, pest control companies need to be licensed and exterminators are required to conduct exterminating tests and training to ensure they, effectively, safely and correctly administer pesticides and other lethal substances. This is especially important due to the dangerous nature of Henderson’s pest species.

Henderson has various pest control and extermination companies that specialize in different types of infestation problems. For example, Ambush Pest Control provides both residential and commercial services. They are also trained in removing Africanized Honey Bees (a common and lethal bee species in Henderson), conducting inspections, providing expert help and guidance and developing personal action plans for each client’s pest control needs. Other companies in the city that provide expert help and advice include Desert Pest Control and Dr Death Pest Control.

Henderson’s fight against pest infestations cannot be eliminated completely; however, it can be controlled and reduced by homeowners and exterminators who use prevention and lethal methods to combat them.

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