Pest Control in Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Horse racing is very popular in Kentucky. The state has a large share of hilly and flat terrain filled with lush green grass and good amount of forests for these large grazing animals. Bluegrass covers most of the state, thick vegetation that does fairly well in the rich soil. In addition, the state also has a fair share of waterways connecting different parts.

Kentucky has one of the largest elk herds in the United States. Bison used to roam around the region at one point in time. Like other states in the country, bison in Kentucky eventually vanished, and now there is only handful of herds left in the region.

Animals that were once native in Kentucky were gray wolves, red wolves, and cougars. However, the local wildlife stat confirms that there is no breeding population of these animals in the state.

Just like elk herds, Kentucky also has abundance of white-tailed deer population. The flat terrain filled with grasslands and forests, offer the grazers with enough food to keep them happy throughout the year.

Although Kentucky is well known for grazing animals such as horses that does not mean there are no nuisance animals in the state. Homeowners in Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky usually face pest issues with common critters such as rats, opossums, raccoons, porcupines, woodchucks, beavers, and snakes. Their life has become difficult and frustrating by another most common home invader: the house mouse.

Recently, Kentucky has seen a recent spread of nine-banded armadillo into the region. They dig holes looking for food source and shelter, causing significant damage to your yard overnight. Although trapping and removing these burrowing creatures are easy, but keeping them out for a long period requires a thorough yard care and a fence.

Although large population of black bear lives in Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky, they are not a strict carnivore. They live a reclusive life, withdrawing their contacts with human and other animals. However, if forced to starvation, they can be bold and start to raid through trash cans found lying outside your homes. Coyotes are another common predator found in Kentucky, although they do not cause pest problems for homeowners in Lexington-Fayette because of the short and mild winter weather.

Farmers introduce llamas into herds of goats and sheep to help keep off coyotes preying eyes on the livestock.

Raccoon control in Lexington-Fayette: These animals are very common in Lexington-Fayette area. They are often seen raiding through trashcans and stealing pet’s food. They live in the chimney and attics of your home. Although considered one of the most beautiful animals in Kentucky, raccoon can become problematic for householders. Do not let raccoons stay in your house. If you spot one of them, call a Lexington-Fayette raccoon removal team immediately

Squirrels in Lexington-Fayette: Squirrels are often a pest in Lexington-Fayette. They love to occupy the attic of your homes, and will chew on anything their strong and long teeth can find, including electrical and cable wires, air conditioning and heating system, etc. They are active animals, living throughout the Kentucky state for almost all twelve months. If you need squirrel removal in Lexington-Fayette, KY, call a professional KY Wildlife control company immediately.

Opossum in Lexington-Fayette: These nuisance animals come out during the nights, and raid through the trashcans lying outside your homes. The live under your porch, and if you let them, they will feed on your pet’s food. Opossum is a great Kentucky survivor and do not look that ugly.

Snakes removal in Lexington-Fayette: Lexington city has many species of snakes, but few of them are poisonous. Removing them on your own can mean risking your life and the life of your loved ones, including children and pets. If you need to remove snakes safely and under the guidance of the law of state, keep browsing this site for more information.

Rat Control in Lexington-Fayette: Different species of rats such as the Norway Rat, the House Mouse, and the Roof Rat, invade most of the northern part of the United States, including the Kentucky cities. They love in live in the attic or walls of a home and their droppings, urines, and waste can contaminate food lying on the kitchen table. If you need to get rid of rats, read out blog or simply call a professional wildlife control company in Lexington-Fayette, KY.

Bat Control in Lexington-Fayette: Kentucky State has colony of bats. They are useful animals for homeowners in a sense that they feed on many insects. However, if left to breed and grow inside your homes or buildings, their number can significantly grow out of control and you will have to spend thousands of dollars just to get them outside your homes. They leave behind droppings that can cause health risks. If you need bat control and removal, read our blog post on how to get rid of bats from your homes, or keep on browsing this site for more information.

Pest Control Tip for Lexington-Fayette, KY

A Clogged Plumbing Vent Stack: Is Rodents Causing the Problem? A plumbing escape system in your home is crucial as it helps remove gutter gases from the sewer system and maintain the ‘right’ level of atmospheric pressure. If your sewer system is working properly, your plumbing system is most probably working properly. However, a clogged plumbing vent stack could mean several different things.

If you are dealing with a clogged plumbing vent problem, you are quite likely dealing with a rodent problem. Rodents may be using this vent in order to enter inside your home. If this is the case, they could be carrying materials to build nest inside your home using this easy passage. The rubble piling up in the vent over a period can become problematic, causing toxic fumes to enter your home.

The first thing you must do is to clean the vent and clear away debris. After debris removal, you will further notice other problems. If there are rodents in the plumbing vent, you will notice damage done to the system and evidence of chewing.

How do you fix these problems? Well, the best way to deal with these problems is to use a heavy wire steal or mesh to enclose the area in order to create a cover. You will also want to ensure that there are not any rodents living inside the vent. They may be stuck inside and eventually die, causing bad odor all over the house.

Also, make sure to check the rest of your homes for any other areas that rodents may be using to get inside your homes.

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