Madison, Mississippi

Madison, Mississippi

Madison has a continuous pest problem due to the city’s warm and generally dry climate and the vast amount of nature providing the ideal habitat for pests. As it is located in the US’s south which is known for having warm weather and recurring pest problem, residents are used to pest infestations and can spot the signs of them easily and effectively.

The State of Mississippi is based in the Southern part of the US near Arkansas, Alabama and Louisiana. The capital of the state is the city of Jackson which is also the largest. The state has a population of over 3 million residents. Madison is located in Mississippi and has a population of around 25,000 residents. It has been ranked the second most habitable city in the state of Mississippi and is a very natural and eco-friendly place. Madison gets on average 55 inches of rainfall, 1 inch of snowfall and 216 sunny days a year, making the climate perfect for pests such as rodents, wasps etc. and the natural green environment is ideal for such pests, the conditions allow them to survive and be seen all year round. The month of July has the hottest days of the year with temperatures reaching 92 degrees and the month of January has the coldest days of the year with temperatures dropping to 35 degrees.

Pests bring a lot of threats and dangers with them, as well as causing health issues, which also cause a lot of damage to property. Critters such as termites, woodworms and ants can, in extreme cases, cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to homes and can be difficult to get rid of as they embed themselves into the wooden structure of properties, causing damage daily. Because woodworms, ants and termites live off of debris, plants and trees, they enter homes, especially ones with wooden structures, looking for food during the colder months when their food supplies outdoors are limited. They feed off of wooden furniture, fixtures and structures within homes, depending on the size of these infestations, the damage can range from being minor to extreme. Termites, ants and woodworms breed incredibly fast so as soon as they are spotted they need to be treated immediately to prevent them from causing further damage to property.

Rodents can also cause a lot of damage to the structure and foundation of properties. They are prone to gnawing at things constantly to shave down their front teeth which grow continuously. They have the ability, especially rats, to chew through just about any material and are extremely good at burrowing into building structures and causing a lot of damage to them. Rodents often chew through wires which can be expensive to repair and can cut off electricity and telephone lines. Chewing through wires could lead to electrical fires. This could cause a lot of damage to not only the property but the safety and wellbeing of home occupants.

Many DIY pest methods and techniques are used by desperate home owners to rid their homes of pests, these include cutting off food supplies by storing all food products in pest-proof glass and metal containers and jars, setting traps and bait, using steel wool to block and fill holes inside an outside properties etc. Although these methods are pretty inexpensive, they aren’t very successful in removing pests from homes completely and are better at preventing pests from entering infestation free homes rather than removing pests from infested homes.

The fastest and most convenient way for homeowners to get rid of pests is to hire a professional pest controller and exterminator to do the job. They provide thorough inspections of homes, have the right expertise and skills to solve the problem and provide home owners with useful and professional advice. Kwik Kill Pest Control is one of Madison’s most reliable pest control companies. They complete thorough checks of homes to determine pest problems, have advanced knowledge and equipment and offer clients a variety of options to suit their case, budgets and needs.

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