Norfolk, Virginia City Guide
norfolk Nicknamed the ‘Old Dominion State’, Virginia is the 10th State in America and has a population of 8 million plus residents. It is located midway between Florida and New York and is sometimes classified in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the country. Norfolk sees on average 48 inches of rain, 25 inches of snow and 215 days of sun per year. The month of July brings the hottest days of the year with temperatures reaching 87 degrees and the month of January brings the coldest days of the year with temperatures dropping to 32 degrees. The cities climate is average with two-thirds of the year bringing warm and humid weather and one-third of the year bringing cold and damp weather. This combination allows many different species of pests to survive in the varied climate.

Norfolk has an ongoing war with common pests primarily due to the city’s average climate that enables them to survive longer than average as the conditions are perfect for them. These include rodents, silverfish, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas and more. There are many causes for pest infestations such as debris plugging up gutters (when combined with water provides an excellent habitat for mosquitos to breed), trees or shrub branches connected to or touching siding or roofs (used to gain access to roofs and enter homes) and much more. Pests such as mice seek shelter and food in homes during the cold months and insects such as cockroaches seek refuge in homes during the warm months.

Pest and rodents can be very harmful to human and animals, especially in large numbers. There are many threats that come with pest infestations. The biggest threats are rodents and cockroaches, and they are also some of the most common pests. It was reported by the National Institute of Health Sciences (NIEHS) that in the US, one out of five children have extreme susceptibility to cockroach allergies; this increases the asperity of asthma symptoms. Allergies are developed through the pest’s feces, their saliva on food, surfaces etc. and their decomposing bodies. Cockroaches also transmit toxic bacteria such as salmonella and E coli, this can lead to the contamination of food, counter tops and tables and cooking utensils. Consumption of contaminated food or food being prepared on contaminated surfaces or utensils can result in residents becoming seriously unwell. Rodents bring with them a lot of threats and dangers; they carry diseases including Hantavirus which is possibly lethal and their droppings can also cause humans to have allergic reactions. Rodents also carry bacteria such as salmonella on their bodies and contaminate food sources, kitchen surfaces and utensils.

When homeowners detect an infestation problem, the first thing they do is attempt to solve the problem themselves. DIY methods of removal are homeowner’s first option, although they aren’t completely successful in solving the problem completely, they do help to reduce infestation sizes and prevent other pests from entering the home. The most common DIY pest control tactic is sealing up all holes, gaps, cracks and crevices inside and outside the house. This prevents pests from entering and reduces the risk of more harmful pests from entering such as rats. Pests are attracted to dirt and moisture, by making sure that homes are clean and dry, homeowners can make them feel unwelcome and provide the wrong environment for them to survive in. Although this method can help reduce pests when homes have been infested, it is more effective when homes are infestation free, as it does better in preventing pests from entering in the first place rather than removal. They also try natural methods of pest control such as filling their homes with the scent of essential oils and strong smells. This, although isn’t a very successful method of pest control, it is a good prevention method.

One of the most effective and reliable methods of pest control is hiring an exterminator to do the job. They have the knowledge and tools to conduct thorough inspections of homes to identify the pests, the size of the infestation and give clients options and advice on how they can be removed and prevented in future. Other companies in Norfolk that offer the same expert and advanced advice and services include nationwide Orkin, Getem Manufacturing Co and Acme Pest Control. The benefits of consulting professional pest control agents is that they will effectively remove pest infestations from homes and provide advice on how home owners’ can effectively prevent pests from entering homes. Some of these companies offer ongoing assistance to homeowners, thus ensuring the problem is completely eliminated before withdrawing their services.

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