Norwood, KY

Norwood, KY

Norwood, like many other cities in the US, constantly experiences pest infestation issues. The large amount of nature in the city contributes to this problem as well as the mild and moderate weather Norwood experiences all year round. These two factors are primarily responsible for the pest issues in the city.

Also known as the ‘Bluegrass State’, the state of Kentucky is the 26th most popular state out of the 50 in the US. Kentucky has remarkable nature resources that contribute to the pest problem in Norwood and other areas of the state. Located in the Louisville metro area, Norwood has a tiny population of a maximum of 500 residents. The city gets 46 inches of rainfall, 17 inches of snowfall and 193 days of sunshine on average per year. The month of July sees the warmest days of the year with temperatures reaching 87 degrees and January sees the coldest days of the year with temperatures dropping to 24 degrees. The city’s average climate is one of the main factors that contribute to the city’s pest problem. The warm summers and cold winters provide a survival and a routine climate for pests and results in them invading homes for shelter during these months.

Norwood’s large natural area and climate contribute to the ever-present pest issues and threats. The moderate climate of the city that is consistent all year round provides the ideal living conditions for pests and leads to them entering homes in search of food and comfortable breeding grounds. Norwood only has a population of 500 residents, this results in more pests entering homes than usual as there are less homes in the area for them to seek shelter and food from.

Residents in Norwood attempt to rid their homes of pests and prevent them from entering their homes by using a range of DIY methods. The most common tactic used is ensuring that all food is stored in sealed jars and containers to prevent pests from surviving and staying in the home. This method is called ‘starving’ and, although it does help to prevent pests from staying in homes and surviving, it does not effectively or completely get rid of pests. Rather than being a method used when pests are present in the home, it is more useful and effective when homes are pest free as it prevents them from entering the home in the first place. There are many other methods used by homeowners to get ‘rid’ of, and prevent pests from entering the home, these include typical traps, bait, poison, etc. Other unconventional yet slightly more successful DIY methods, are using essential oils and strong scents such as vinegar mixed with water sprayed on food surfaces and corners to prevent pests from contaminating them and getting to the food. This also helps to prevent pests from entering the home in the first place.

Whilst these DIY pest control and prevention methods are cheap, they are not very successful. The best and most reliable method of pest controlling is to employ an experienced and trustworthy pest controlling company or exterminator to do the job. Not only will all pests within the home be identified, but they will also be removed quickly and completely. Pest controlling companies close to Norwood such as Affordable Pest Control Inc provide professional and reliable advice and action. They conduct thorough examination of the homes, identify the pest problem and offer clients options before extermination begins. Other companies similar to this and who provide the same level of care and expertise to clients’ pest problems are Terminix, St Matthews Exterminating and Bug Detectors Termite and Pest.











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