Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida, like every other city in the US, has an active ‘common pest’ issue. Common pests are creatures such as ticks, fleas, rodents, ants, cockroaches, bees, etc. Due to the hot climate of Orlando, homeowners are prone to encountering lizards and large spiders in their homes. Although these pests are not lethal, they can cause a lot of health and structural problems to families and homes, especially so if they breed rapidly (which these pests do) and spread across your home. Orlando’s warm climate and shrubbery environment provide the perfect conditions for such pests to survive and breed in, faster than other cities across America.

Named the sunshine state, Florida is located in the southeastern region of the US and is bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico, meaning it has a naturally warm and humid climate. Commonly known for producing a large portion of the world’s oranges, and its numerous beaches and countless swamps,  the city’s attractions are also to blame for the city’s pest problems.

Common pests, lizards and large spiders live within the orange fields and the beaches that are located close to homes and businesses so that when the weather becomes extremely hot or cold, they leave their habitats to search for shelter, which leads to them occupying and breeding in homes and businesses. July and August are the hottest months of the year in Orlando with temperatures reaching 91.5 degrees and January and February are the coldest months with temperatures reaching 70 degrees.

Because of the regular occurrence of pest infestations, homeowners try to tackle the problem themselves for one simple reason; to save money. However, they are unaware that, whilst DIY tactics can control and reduce the amount of pests within a home, they do not resolve the problem completely. If infestations aren’t dealt with as soon as they are identified, they can spread across homes and colonels, and in the worst case scenario, cause structural damage to properties.

DIY methods include filling holes and crevices on the inside and outside of homes to prevent pests from entering properties. This is an effective way of preventing them from entering homes. Other methods include placing mild poison, setting traps, using sprays, etc., in areas where pests have been seen or are likely to be.

Probably the fastest and most powerful means of getting rid of pests in the home is by using the services of a licensed and professional pest control company and exterminator. They offer home owners professional and reliable advice, conduct examinations of property and determine the pest problem and get rid of them thoroughly and completely. For example, Pro-Staff Termite and Pest Control has been serving home and business owners in Orlando since 1995 and is a fully licensed exterminating company. They complete routine and on off inspections of property to see whether it has a pest infestation or not. They offer accurate and relevant advice and instructions as well as, options to get rid of the pests. Other companies in the city that provide similar professionalism and knowledge are Falcon Lawn and Pest, Best Pest Control and Heron Lawn and Pest Control.

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