River Hills, Wisconsin

River Hills

Located in the State of Wisconsin, River Hills is a clean and uniform village in Milwaukee County that has an average of 2,000 residents. Wisconsin is based in the north-central US, in the Great Lakes regions and the Midwest. It has a lot of nature and plantation within it, as well as the Cave of the Mounds, Devil’s Lake State Park and Wisconsin Dells. The village gets an average of 32 inches of rainfall, 47 inches of snowfall and 187 days of sunshine per year. The month of July has the hottest days of the year with temperatures reaching 80 degrees and the month of January has the coldest days of the year with temperatures dropping to 13 degrees.

The village’s excessive nature and moderate climate contributes to its pest issues. River Hill’s warm summers and cold winters and the vast amount of nature and greenery around homes and properties makes the village an appealing place for pests. The village’s excessive snow and rainfall results in pests such as rodents, ants etc. from entering homes in search of shelter and food. They colonize and breed rapidly, causing small pest problems to multiply and become larger.

Such infestations can pose serious health risks to occupants of homes and can also cause a lot of structural damage to properties, and in extreme cases, make them hazardous to live in, resulting in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. The most common and property damaging pests are rodents. They have the ability to gnaw and chew through just about most materials and can cause a disruption in other services such as water and gas if they chew through pipes and wires. Rodents, rats especially, have the ability to burrow deep underground, this is potentially lethal for properties if rats do so in large groups as they can burrow into structures and cause expensive and extensive damage to the fabric of buildings. Common rats are capable of causing breakages in sewer systems and drainage pipes and chew through wires and electrical components which could lead to the occurrence of electrical fires . Therefore, pest infestations can be risky and costly for home owners.

Home owners most commonly rely on DIY pest prevention and controlling methods such as setting traps, filling and blocking holes inside and outside properties, storing all food items in pest-proof jars and containers etc., as it is a cheaper way of getting rid of pests. The best and more successful method of pest controlling is hiring professionals who are fully trained experts in pest controlling and removing pest infestations in a safe and efficient way.  Many pest control service providers respond fast to homeowners’ inquiries, mostly on the same day that homeowners contact them. They offer free surveys, guaranteed effective pest controlling, and ridding homes of pests in an environmentally friendly and responsible way and are accredited experts. Milwaukee Pest Control does just that, their professionals determine the cause and source of infestations and eliminate the same easily and quickly. They offer specialist services in pest control, bed bug control and ant control and provide all customers with free estimations. Another pest controlling company is Anderson Pest Solutions who have been offering pest controlling and elimination services to residents of River Hills since 1913.


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