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San Francisco’s climate is typical of the cool-summer Mediterranean variety, which is characterized by dry summers and moist, mild winters. In terms of household pests, this means that while the Bay Area is spared from many of the exotic creepy crawlies found in hotter climates, infestations by species like rodents, cockroaches, termites, fleas and other common pests are possible.

The San Francisco area is rather diverse in terms of its demographic build up, with highly urbanized areas in the main part of the city, and a significant suburban belt and rural and semi-rural zones nearby. This diverse composition suggests a city with a wide array of pest issues depending on the location. For example, a property in the inner city is more likely to experience cockroach or rodent infestations, a suburban home may have issues with termite infestation, while a rural property may have specific issues with wild animal disturbances.

Some of the more common varieties of pests in the San Francisco area include rodents, cockroaches or termites. Rodents can be a troublesome problem whether you are based in an urban, suburban or rural environment. Rats and mice, for example, can easily infiltrate a house or apartment and quickly multiply to out of control proportions. Rodents can carry many different diseases which can be harmful to human health. To prevent the incursion of rats and other rodents in your home, keep all foods sealed in containers and be sure to board up any holes in your property which are accessible by these critters. If infestation has already occurred, this can sometimes be remedied with the use of traps, provided that the population has not yet become too big. Poisons are generally not recommended as these can be consumed by a rodent which may then scurry away to an unreachable place where it will die and begin to rot. Additionally, this method can be problematic if you have pets which may also be exposed to the poison – either through direct consumption of the material, or of the affected pest. Once an apartment is infested with rodents, it is usually difficult to keep other domiciles in the same complex from also becoming infested. In such cases, a coordinated effort at removal by a professional pest control agency is usually the best bet.

Cockroaches are another problematic pest in the San Francisco area which can merit control measures. These insects carry germs, can get into your food, and multiply into troublesome populations if left unaddressed. They are famously difficult to kill and a serious infestation is best addressed by a professional pest control company. DIY solutions are also possible to remedy cockroach infestation with the use of sprays and bug bombs; however, the safety and efficacy of these methods can make a professional service more attractive.

There are a large number of professional pest control companies which service San Francisco and the wider Bay Area. One of the most reputable companies from the area is Omega Termite and Pest Control. Omega offer both residential and commercial pest control solutions, and provide services targeting a range of different pests, including ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, rats and many more. Other pest control solution providers servicing San Francisco and surrounding areas include Frank Pest Control Co. Inc., Marina Pest Control, Eureka Valley Pest Exclusion Inc. and Pestec. Thanks to Californian Structural Pest Control Act, pest control companies must be sufficiently licensed to carry out past control activities. These licenses fall into three ‘branches’: Fumigation (‘Branch 1’), General household pest (‘Branch 2’), and Termites and other wood-destroying pests and organisms (‘Branch 3’). This ensures a high level of competence and expertise among professional pest control agencies in the San Francisco city area, and beyond.

If you live in the San Francisco area, your home may be at risk of infestation from all common pests, from rats, to fleas, to roaches. Fortunately, should you find yourself experiencing an infestation problem, there are many professional pest control agencies that can help fix your pest-related issues.

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