Santa Ana, California

 Santa Ana, California

California has the world’s famous redwood tree, a plant that is so huge that a car or a big truck can easily pass through the center of it. These trees are one of the most impressive attractions in the United States forests that offer shelter to all kinds of different animal species. Just like other forests found in other states of the country the redwoods house porcupines, raccoons, rabbits, and squirrels. Predators and prey animals are also in abundance, including usual sightings of grizzly bears.

All of these animals can easily become a pest problem for homeowners living along the fringes of such an enormous nature conserve. Curious skunks or gophers raid through the garbage cans and basements, and people protect these areas to prevent them from moving in. However, forest animals are not the only wildlife creatures that cause problem in this state. California has to deal daily with semi-aquatic and marine life as well. The coastal state has plenty of unapproachable and often shy animals such as the sea lions. These animals live around the beaches and they leave piles of droppings behind, not what most tourists like to visit the place to see. Restaurants along these beaches also have pest issues with annoying and bold seagulls. The only practical way to get rid of these diners is to set a special nets and bird spikes.

California is not always about being warm. Although the state has steady and gentle temperatures throughout the year, the region also has persisting snow and frigid temperature because of the high elevations. This climate variety makes the state an irresistible location for a diverse population of animals to live and thrive. Not only can creatures like bears and coyotes survive in this colder region, but frogs and salamander are also plenty in abundance where the sun is warm and sunny.

California is a touristic state and has a large population of people. Such a large number of people means there will be human and wildlife conflicts. The most common type of critters to be removed from California are pigeons, bats, skunks, and raccoons, and a range of birds species including swallows, seagulls, and woodpeckers. In addition, honeybees are also a big pest issue for the homeowners in California.

If there are animals inside your home, no job is finished without proper exclusion repairs. If you hire a Santa Ana trapper who only specializes in removing the critters, then we are sure the problem will return. That is why it is very crucial that you find a Santa Ana wildlife control and removal company that not only identifies all animals entrances into your buildings, but also shuts them down with professional repairs. In addition, many animals leave waste, urine, and droppings behind. You want a company that also offers this professional pest cleaning services.

In addition to pest control and removal, a professional wildlife trapping company must also trap and remove animals that destroy your property, such as moles and other digging animals. Animals such as opossums will live under your buildings, raid through the garbage cans, and steal pet food.

Skunks often live under the decks or sheds, and set up a den. If you need to trap and remove skunks without them spraying, call a professional wildlife animal removal team in Santa Ana. They will also help you remove dead animals.

Likewise, if you require assistance with any other wildlife conflict, from a groundhog, beaver, fox, or any other critter, a professional pest controller can help you. Most of the snakes in California are not venomous, but call a professional snake removal team if you want a safe removal

Santa Ana Pest Control Tip #1:

How to get rid of rats in my house – The answer is easy – use snap traps. Snap traps are the most reliable rat removal method available, but not knowing how to use those snap traps can either make or break your venture. The first step in getting rid of rats is to seal off all the exterior openings of your home. It may not seem like the best idea, as you will be leaving nuisance rats inside your home. However, this is the first crucial step towards getting rid of all those rats. The rats present inside your house are the only rats you will need to worry about and that is why you sealed off the exterior holes in the first place.

Rodents use pheromones to attract other rodents. By sealing off those entrances, you stop new rats from entering into the new territory.

Now that your home is safe against outside invaders, trapping the rats using the snap traps can be done easily. Trap placement is crucial here. Do not set them out yet hoping to lure them with peanut butter. Snap traps works when you know where rats spends their time, indicated by gnaw marks, urine puddles, greasy stains, and droppings.

Santa Ana Pest Control Tip #2:

How to deal with trapped wild animal? Once you have caught a wild animal using a snap trap, make sure to be cautious while getting close to the trap. Wild animals caught inside the traps are most likely be afraid, and will often act impulsively. Try to keep the animal as calm as possible. Most people like to throw a blanket over the trap before moving in. This will help them calm down a little bit. Also, wear old clothes when moving these wild animals as they often release a smelly musk, especially when they are nervous or frightened.

Use a truck whenever possible to transport the wild animal because of the potential smell from the musk. However, if you are using a car to transport the animal, consider lining the vehicle with old blankets. When you are ready to release the wild animal, make sure to take it at least 5 miles off your property. Release them far away from other homes as well. Another thing to consider is to take the trap into the woodland area before opening it, ensuring the wild animal does not flee from the road immediately.

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