Tea, South Dakota City Guide


South Dakota is a nature-filled State in the US, it is also home to the famous Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park. Located in Lincoln County, South Dakota, Tea is a city that is a suburb of Sioux Falls and has a population of around 4,000 residents. The city on average gets 25 inches of rainfall, 40 inches of snowfall and 212 sunny days. The month of July has the hottest days of the year with temperatures reaching 86 degrees and the month of January has the coldest days of the year with temperatures dropping to 4 degrees.

The city’s extremely cold winters and hot summers result in pests making their way into homes to escape the unbearable temperatures. The extremely cold winters and hot summers of Tea ensure the city has an active and unresolved pest problem. Mainly during the hottest and coldest days, pests enter homes in search of shelter and food, once they enter homes they make nests in resident’s homes and breed, causing infestations. It is commonly known that pests carry health risks but they also cause a lot of damage to the structure and features of a property. Thus, being dangerous and costly to home owners.

The most common pests that cause a lot of damage to homes in Tea are rodents. Pests like rodents have the ability to chew through most materials and gnaw a lot in order to keep their teeth sharp. This is extremely bad news for homeowners who have rodent infestations as one rat alone can easily cause the same amount of damage in one day that a colony of termites can in a week. Because rodent’s incisors grow constantly, they are always trying to shave them down by chewing and gnawing through solid materials. If rat infestations are left unresolved, they can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to property and furniture.

Rodents also carry a lot of diseases and bacteria that is spread through their urine and droppings. Rats and mice go through some of the filthiest environment in their journeys of looking for food such as sewers, drains, gutters etc. and can carry up to 35 diseases at one time. Every surface a sick rodent touches becomes contaminated and increases the risks of home occupants contracting diseases. There are a number of ways to prevent diseases from spreading and rodents from contaminating a whole house and making it unsafe. The first and most important method is wiping down every food, cooking and eating surface with an antibacterial spray or wipe before and after every use. This is to ensure they are completely clean and free of bacteria.

DIY methods such as ‘starving’ (storing food in pest-proof metal jars and containers), setting traps and bait and filling holes inside and outside properties with steel wool and cement are used by homeowners to try and resolve pest problems. These methods aren’t very successful for pest removal, however, they work well to prevent pests from entering homes in the first place. Hiring pest control professionals is the best possible way of effectively and successfully getting rid of pests. Total Pest Management and Olson’s Pest Technicians are a highly qualified and professional pest controlling companies that tackle pest problems head on and get rid of   them quickly and safely. The benefit of contracting such companies is that they ensure pest infestations are eliminated completely and homes are left pest free.

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