What are Tree Squirrels?

Tree Squirrels are members of the squirrel family that are more commonly referred to as just squirrels. This actually includes over 100 primarily tree-dwelling species. Tree squirrels are related to other various animals in the squirrel family. These types live almost primarily among trees, as other squirrels may live in a burrow in the ground. Many of these squirrels have adapted to environments that have been altered by humans, and because squirrels are active during the day, they are more prone to be spotted by people.

Because of their inquisitive nature, tree squirrels have the reputation for getting over obstacles just to eat from a bird feeder. They are also known to chew on pretty much anything, which maintains their sharp teeth but also can ruin things. Tree squirrels also bury food in the ground to save for later. These holes, once they accumulate, are a nuisance to gardeners and homeowners. These squirrels also pose a fire hazard when they break into buildings; this usually encompasses them walking on exposed power lines as they would walk on tree branches, and even sometimes gnaw on the insulation to the electrical lines. The nest of a tree squirrel can also cause structural damage, odors, and noise.

Frequented Areas

There are species of tree squirrels native to every continent except Antarctica and Australia. They can be seen basically anywhere that someone can step outside, even in large cities with huge populations. In fact, these squirrels are sometimes the only wildlife that residents of large cities may see. There is usually more than 1 squirrel in a tree at any given time, and they may be seen running through trees, across power lines, across the road, and pretty much anywhere else.


They are normally seen in trees, and occasionally on the ground looking for nuts or burying the nuts that they have collected. Though they vary in color, squirrels are covered in fur and have a tail that is covered in longer fur. The underside of these squirrels is sometimes white or a lighter gray. Their hands have individual digits that are used for grasping their findings, which they may eat. These digits also aid in digging holes in the ground to bury the food.

Special Characteristics

Tree Squirrels need to keep their teeth sharpened and this means that they will chew on tree branches as well as power lines. Rotating sleeves have been placed on some power lines to prevent this, as a power outage caused by a squirrel is a big deal. Squirrels were the culprits of two major power outages at the University of Alabama, as well as the NASDAQ stock market.

Squirrels can be an economic loss to forest managers, homeowners, nut growers, and many more. They can inflict loss of revenue, repair costs, and damage to property.

White squirrels are quite rare and have organizations working in their favor to protect them from humans. They are seen as a cultural icon and anyone that sees one is encouraged to submit their sightings.

Removal and Preventative Procedures

A sort of abstract way to ward off tree squirrels from making a home in an attic or under a porch would be to collect fur from their household pets and place it in the area, in hopes that the squirrel will see this and think that a predator is building a nest.

To discourage the tree squirrels from chewing on something, it can be coated with chili pepper paste or powder. This coating must be renewed in order to stay effective.

In Store or Chemicals

Mothballs and ammonia are sometimes used because of their odors, but they are generally not effective. Capsaicin and Ro-Pel are repellents that may be purchased at a store to help a tree squirrel problem. It must be noted that poisoning rodents is problematic because it can put innocent parties at risk. Also, if this animal dies in an attic or in a wall, the odor will be extremely unpleasant and will have to be dealt with. The focus should stay on preventing them from entering your home. A pest control specialist will be able to eradicate any problem with tree squirrels that have taken to liking a house. A humane trap may be used to trap and relocate the squirrel to somewhere more appropriate

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