Jumping spiders are small and agile spiders that can jump as high as 25 times their size. Even though they are only 1-22 mm in length, they can easily be identified by their eyes. All species (there are over 4,000 known) of jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes, along with excellent eyesight — as you would imagine!

These spiders are very capable predators due to their small size, agile ability, and impressive eyesight. They can usually be found outdoors hunting webworms, stink bugs, bollworms, cotton fleahoppers, leafhoppers, and other similar creatures.

Beautiful Jumping spiderIf you think that you have an infestation problem with jumping spiders, it’s very unlikely that this infestation would take place within your home. Jumping spiders are generally outdoor creatures and will be found in yards and vegetation.

Even though these spiders are quite small, they can be quite intimidating. Some spiders will be prone to biting especially when they feel threatened. Jumping spiders do produce venom when they bite, although their venom isn’t considered to be threatening or dangerous.

If you do have an infestation then chances are that it’s the daring jumping spider (also known as the bold jumping spider). This type of jumping spider is very common throughout regions of North America.



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