A swarming termite is a specialist termite produced by a colony. These swarming termites are slightly different than your typical termite, mainly because they have wings and contrary to popular belief, don’t actually cause damage to your home.

The swarming termites have wings because their job is to fly away and start their own colony, “swarmers” won’t cause any additional damage to your home because of this. These termites can be produced at any time of the year, it differs from one species to another. For example, drywood termites prefer warm, dry, and tropical climates so they swarm during the summer. Subterranean species on the other hand, prefer the spring season.

There is one important detail that you should know about swarming termites: they typically aren’t produced by a colony unless that colony is at least a few years old. With that being said, you should take immediate action if you find swarmers outside your home as this will prevent them from getting inside. If the swarmers are found inside your home, it would be worthwhile to implement some treatment methods as soon as possible.

If the swarmers are found inside your home, you’ll likely find them close to “escape points” such as windows. Check the window sills around your home and look for dead insects or wings.


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