Pest control is a term used to describe the regulation or management of species defined as “pests”. Pests include plants, animals, insects, germs and other organisms that interfere with human activities. Pests can bite, destroy food crops, damage property and make our lives miserable. Pest control includes several methods of controlling or eradicating pests using both natural strategies and chemical insecticides. 

Why Do You Need Pest Control

There are several reasons why you need pest control. One of the most important reasons is that uncontrolled pests can spread disease and cause contamination in and outside of your home.

Certain species like termites, carpenter ants and wood boring beetles can also inflict serious damage to your property and cost you a lot of money. Lastly, pests can cause a wide range of unsightly problems to your grounds and lower the value of your property.

What Is Green or Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

Green pest control or environmentally friendly pest control uses products that are naturally derived compounds to control and eliminate pests. It can include chemicals but the chemicals used are smarter and less toxic to your family, your pets and to the environment.

Integrated Pest Management is often a part of green or environmentally friendly pest management. IPM focuses on controlling pests using a combination of common-sense practices and principles. IPM programs use the most current and comprehensive information about the life cycles of pests and how they interact with the environment.

This information is used alongside available pest control methods to manage pest damage with the least possible toxic exposure and impact to people, pets and the environment. The IPM methodology is used for agricultural and non-agricultural environments including internal and external commercial and residential living areas. Integrated Pest Management utilizes all appropriate pest management options.

Preventive Pest Control

Preventive pest control focuses on an established pattern of treatment designed to prevent pest problems from developing. It includes a regular inspection of the home and garden to identify potential or existing problems, the recording and reporting of information required by law, an application of pesticides on a regular basis to prevent problems seen or unseen, and discussions with owners regarding specific problems, needs or desires to create a plan that fits the budget and expectations of the owner.

Benefits of Preventive Pest control

Preventive pest management contracts provide several benefits. Customers can benefit from lower prices for fixed services over a fixed period of time and work can be pre-scheduled to avoid any conflicts with an owner’s schedule. Customers do not have to monitor their home or garden because the company takes care of carrying out regular inspections and pest control treatments.

The homeowner does not have to deal with any of the problems caused by unwanted pests and IPM and green pest control methods can be employed more easily and effectively when they are used pro-actively instead of reactively making the entire pest control process safer for family, pets and the environment.

Pest Eradication Methods

Pest eradication methods are used as a response to a specific customer request to eliminate infestations of destructive pests such as rats, termites, and carpenter ants. It can also include eradication of fungus or lawn pests that destroy the grass. Generally, a senior technician answers a service call and interacts with clients to understand the problem.

After speaking with the client the technician will do a thorough and intensive inspection and recommend a method that will reduce a pest’s access to food, water and nesting locations. Recommendations can include things like improving sanitation, making maintenance improvements and using pesticides to get rid of the pests for good. Treatments may be one-time or require several applications and re-inspections.

Benefits of Pest Eradication Methods

The benefits of pest eradication methods or reactive pest control include quick response times and an immediate resolution to a pest problem.


The disadvantage of pest eradication can be that reactive pest eradication tends to be more expensive because damage may have already occurred that needs to be re-mediated. Another disadvantage is that the problem may require more toxic chemical pesticides to eliminate the problem and cause more exposure to toxic chemicals for family, pets and the environment.



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