One of the most irritating and dirtiest pests is the cockroach. Cockroaches transmit disease by spreading bacteria and poisoning foods they get into. They’ve also been identified as an important cause of allergies in people. This article will explore different types of cockroach repellants, which work best and why they are effective.

Traditional Cockroach Baits

Cockroach baits contain a slow-acting insecticide that is mixed into a food base. Roaches seek out and feed on the bait that is usually contained within a small plastic tray. Roaches crawl into the tray and then the roach returns to the nesting area where it expels the insecticide through sputum and feces killing the roach itself and other roaches in the nesting area.

The benefit of using a bait trap is that the insecticide is contained so that humans and pets are not exposed to any toxins. Sprays and aerosols expose humans and pets to more toxins as well as some unpleasant odors. There are several cockroach bait brands that work effectively and these include Combat, Raid, Max Roach Bait, Roach Ender and Black Flag Roach Bait.

People who have used these bait products report that they are effective at killing and keeping roaches away and have no unpleasant odors. On average it takes about two weeks for roaches to die off and disappear. Based on customer reviews of these types of products there is no real standout. They all work about the same and are effective in ridding your home of roaches.

Gel Baits

Gel bait differs from traditional roach bait in that it is a gel that you apply directly into cabinets, on countertops or on the floor every 10 linear feet. The gel is not contained in any type of tray. The active ingredient in this type of gel bait is Indoxacarb that is proven to have a low toxicity level for pets so it is a safe alternative to traditional roach baits. According to customer reviews gel baits work very effectively and are capable of eliminating large or difficult infestations of roaches. Most consumers seem to find gel baits even more effective than the traditional baits although they may take a day or two to start working.

Spray Cockroach Killers

Aerosols and spray cockroach killers have been around a long time but they have several disadvantages when compared to other alternatives. They are messier to use and they can be fatal to pets if an animal ingests some of the poison directly after it has been applied. Another disadvantage is that although sprays kill roaches on contact they do not kill any of the roaches that are nesting or breeding behind the walls. No poison gets tracked back to the nest. According to consumer reviews sprays do a good job of killing roaches you can see and spray directly but they do not eliminate the root problem and roaches continue to propagate. This is a more costly and less effective treatment option for roach infestations.

Boric Acid

 Boric acid is an old but highly effective way of killing roaches when it is used correctly. The problem is that most often it is not used correctly. Boric acid can be used alone or in combination with other roach baits.

Boric aid is derived from boron and water. It is a white, inorganic powder and it is used in many consumer products. You can purchase boric acid insecticide formulations from your local grocery or hardware store. The powder is pre-packaged so you do not need to mix or dilute the formulation. Cockroaches are killed by boric acid when they crawl over treated areas. The powder particles attach to the body of the cockroach. The acid is ingested when the cockroach cleans the powder off its legs and antennae. Some of the boric acid also gets absorbed through the greasy outer shell of the body.

The boric acid powder must be applied in a very thin layer. Roaches will not approach large or heavy accumulations because it would be like climbing through a snowdrift. The best way to apply boric acid is to shake the container and gently blow a small quantity of the powder into the target area. Remember, a light dusting is what you are trying to achieve. Boric acid should never be used on countertops or any other exposed area where food preparation takes place. The best place to apply boric acid is under and behind refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers or at openings where plumbing pipes enter walls including under the sink and behind commodes, showers or washing machines.

The benefit of boric acid is that it is a cheap method of killing off roaches but it requires more work and effort to apply correctly. Consumer reviews confirm this method works although it is not as effective alone as in combination with the use of other cockroach baits.

The most important things to consider when choosing a cockroach treatment include safety, convenience and cost. So which is the best cockroach killer? Overall, reviews indicate that gel baits are safe and work the most effectively although they take a day or two before they begin working their magic. Nonetheless, boric acid and traditional cockroach traps are also effective at eliminating cockroach infestations.


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