Dillon, Montana

Dillon, Montana

Dillon’s moderate climate and industrial environment are the prime cause of the city’s pest problems. During cold weather and seasons, pests invade homes looking for shelter and food, being a source of annoyance to home owners, they can also cause a lot of health risks and structural damage to property if they aren’t removed or dealt with as soon as they are spotted.

The state of Montana is based in the western region of the US, it is the 4th largest state in America and is the 44th most populated state out of the 50. The state has a lot of Mountains and is named after the Spanish word for mountains. It is also nicknamed ‘Land of the Shining Mountain’ due to the vast amount of mountains the state is home to. Located in Beaverhead County in the US state of Montana, the city of Dillon has a population of around 5,000 residents and has cold winters that are considerably dry and hot summers that are wetter than most. The city is very clean and neat and has many industrial sites, rivers and streams. On average, the city gets 13 inches of rainfall, 40 inches of snowfall and 181 sunny days per year. The month of July has the hottest days of the year with temperatures reaching 83 degrees and the month of January has the coldest days of the year with temperatures dropping to 13 degrees. These are one of the prime factors that contribute towards the cities pest problems as during the cold weather and months, pests leave their habitats and enter residents’ homes. Dillon’s environment and climate plays a part in pests infesting homes and causing damage to home occupant’s property and health.

Common house pests can cause a lot of damage to properties and the health of their occupants. Rodents carry a lot of diseases and bacteria that is easily and rapidly spread through their urine and droppings. This is because they travel and forage through some unsanitary environments when looking for food such as drains, sewers and waste sites, and they can carry up to 35 diseases and bacteria on their bodies at one time. The bacteria can be spread easily onto every surface they touch and run across and contamination can result in home occupants picking up these diseases and bacteria. There are a number of different ways that contamination and the spread of nasty diseases can be prevented, the most important and easiest method of preventing and reducing contamination is by wiping down all food preparation, cooking and eating surfaces and utensils before and after use with antibacterial sprays and wipes. This is to prevent food from becoming contaminated and unsafe to eat, it ensures that everything is sanitary and clean and prevents pests from gathering on eating surfaces and preparation areas looking for food to eat. By making sure everything is clean and bacteria-free, the risk of contamination spreading is reduced significantly.

Naturally, homeowners attempt to get rid of pests on their own first by using DIY methods they find on the internet. These include filling holes and gaps with steel wool and cement to prevent more pests from entering homes and increasing infestations and storing food products in pest proof containers and jars to prevent them from getting into them and contaminating food.

The most effective method of pest control is hiring a licensed and profession exterminator and pest controller, they conduct thorough and extensive searches of homes, identify the pest problems, offer clients numerous options based on their situation and conduct satisfying and quality pest removal and extermination services. Orkin is a highly popular and well known pest controlling chain that provides high quality and guaranteed services to customers at reasonable prices. They conduct thorough and detailed inspections of homes, create personal treatment plans for every client and use strong and lethal pesticides to get rid of critters and prevent them from reappearing within homes.


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