In some parts of the world, they are delicacies. In others, they are simply gross.

After visiting The Coffee Club in Mascot on Monday, Odelia Juniarni and her daughter Evelyn sat down to enjoy a ‘coffee’ break. As regulars at The Coffee Club, Odelia would get herself a coffee which would score her daughter free babyccinos.

However, their love for The Coffee Club would turn sour as a consequence of what occurred on Monday. Odelia thought her daughter had discovered a coffee bean in her babyccino. After close examination, the three-year-old unfurled a cockroach. This was after realizing the ‘coffee bean’ had legs and a head.

Relating her emotions, Odelia exclaimed that she “was horrified”.

Sadly, Odelia’s routine at The Coffee Club would change, as her daughter, who was sucking up her babyccino through a straw, spat out a cockroach.

Subsequent to making such shocking discovery, a staff member was made cognizant. The staff member apologized and proposed to replace the babyccino.

Odelia declined the replacement offer.

The incident did not stop there.

Juniarni later shared her experience on social media and it caught the attention of The Coffee Club who apologized and decided to escalate the matter.

Odelia’s experience is nothing new. Several incidents of pest infested food have been unfurled. For instance: A woman in Newcastle was served a plate replete with worm-infested steak.

Regarding Odelia’s situation, a spokesman for The Coffee Club franchise expressed concern and underscore that examinations have been conducted and the franchise is keeping up with pest control management.

About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are known carriers of bacteria, including staphylococcus, salmonella, and streptococcus. They also harbor diseases such as the polio virus, based on reports accumulated by Victorian government’s Better Health website.

As cockroaches defecate and vomit on the food they come in contact with, they can seamlessly transmit diseases to humans.

The public should be aware of these issues and examine their meals prior to digging in. For more detailed information on cockroaches, we have compiled a list of resources for you.

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