Their numbers cannot be enumerated. Rodents, scale insects, cockroaches, bedbugs, aphids, mealybugs, and the likes, are great ordeals homeowners and gardeners contend with on the daily. If you’ve ever had to share your kitchen with cockroaches or bed with bedbugs, you’re not alone; millions of homeowners have encountered a pest infestation in their lifetime. Take heart, there are effective pest control methods available that can help when contending with pest infestations.

At Online Pest Control, we collect, create, and distribute the information you need to cope with your pest problem. With a vast database consisting of various pests, we make it possible for you to implement the right methods to get results.

Within our database, you can collect information on

  1. Field crop pests
  2. Livestock pests
  3. Pests affecting landscape plants
  4. Home and health pests
  5. Vegetable pests

Whether you’re into farming, gardening, animal husbandry, or a typical homeowner, our pest database can help your pest problem. What are you waiting for? Start searching!