Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s largest city and the 31st most populous in the United States. It is also home to a range of potential pest problems. The following post will take a look at some of the more common pest issues in the Milwaukee area, and provide some advice on how to address these.

Milwaukee falls within what is known as a ‘humid continental climate zone’. This sees the city and surrounding area experience cold, snowy winters, and rather warm and humid summers. Milwaukee is also often subject to large and severe thunderstorms, although tornadoes are rare. The city’s seasonal climate profile thus results in varying pest issues throughout the year, meaning that residents should be prepared to face a range of potential creepy crawly and critter infestations no matter the season. Additionally, the diversity of Milwaukee’s demography makes it prone to a wide array of different pest problems, from the inner city, to the suburbs and beyond

Perhaps the most common pest problems in the Greater Milwaukee area are cockroaches, bed bugs, pigeons and rats. Pigeons can create problems for homeowners and tenants when they roost in a property. These birds can carry and transmit various harmful diseases, including encephalitis and salmonella, which are spread through the birds’ droppings. Ways to avoid pigeon infestation include limiting potential food sources for the birds (such as spilled grain, seeding weeds and leftovers from feeding non-pest birds). To keep pigeons from infesting your home, it is advisable to block off potential nesting spots with wire or net mesh. If your home becomes a target for nesting pigeons or other pest animals, it is advisable to contact a pest control service provider to remove the animals from your home and offer measures and detailed advice to keep them from coming back.

There are a few official edicts that Milwaukee residents should be aware of when it comes to pest control. Firstly, any commercial application of pesticides that is carried out in the Milwaukee area must be done so by a registered applicator. This means that any unlicensed pesticide application in exchange for money (such as spraying a home for bugs) contravenes local law. Additionally, various pest problems such as migrating roaches, nesting pigeons, and rat infestations can be reported by neighboring residents to the Milwaukee City Department of Neighborhood Services’ Nuisance and Environmental Health Section. Local officials may then be sent to inspect the reported property and the tenants issued with an official demand to address the problem. For further information, please see:

There are a number of reputable pest control providers in the Milwaukee area. A good example is Batzner Pest Management Inc. Batzner services the entire states of Illinois and Wisconsin and provides a wide range both commercial and residential of pest control solutions. Included among their services are treatments for bed bugs and other creepy crawlies, rodents, and other pest problems. They offer a free assessment over the phone and provide advice on how to prevent pest problems from recurring in your home. Some other reputable pest control companies in the Milwaukee area include Ehlers Pest Management, Bug Man & Queen Bee Inc. and Community Pest Control.

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