If you are done with those blood thirsty creepy crawlies partying all night long on your bed sipping your blood, and you’ve finally hired a professional for bed bug extermination, then before the exterminator shows at your doorstep, here are some preparatory steps for you.

The following steps will help you prepare your home for bed bug treatment and enable the exterminator to access all potential bed bug hiding places in your home.
So, let’s get started:

Charge the Favorite Harborage of Bed Bugs

Don’t let your bed be a home to bed bugs. These crawlies love to hide in beds, mattresses and behind the headboards. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is charge their favorite harborage, the bed.

Remove all beddings from all mattresses in your house including pillow cases, mattress covers, quilts and blankets. Wash them all in Hot water and dry them. This helps wash away and kill off bed bugs, bed bug eggs and nymphs. So, there is definitely no chance for them to infest and retrieve your bed.

Empty Your Closets and Storage Areas

You may not have skeletons in your closet but if your home is bed bug infested, then you must have unwanted guests hiding in there.

So, for best bed bug extermination results, you must properly empty your storage areas and closets in all your rooms. If you closets and storage areas are empty, the exterminator can access it easily and can treat it successfully.

Wash, Dry And Seal Every Fabric in Your Home

Wash and dry practically every fabric in your home including clothing, table covers, room curtains, miscellaneous linens and towels. Once the clothes are dried, seal them in storage bins or bags to prevent bugs from crawling back.

Unplug all Electronic Devices

These insects are notorious for hiding in electrical sockets.  Therefore another preparatory step on your checklist would be to unplug electronic devices in rooms to be treated.

Clean up Prior to Extermination

It’s said ‘Never underestimate your opponent”, this implies even when you are up against bed bugs. They may be small but they are clever. These insects are incredibly good at hiding in the tiniest of places like seams, cracks and crevasses. Just when you think they are all exterminated, there may be some hiding in a nook of your home and when you find out, they have multiplied back into a full-force.

Therefore, to avoid this situation it is advisable to clean up and vacuum your home properly before the extermination. Vacuum properly including floors, seams, cervices, ceiling moldings, baseboards, cracks and carpets. And yes don’t forget to clean rugs and your furniture. To clean these, you can rent a good steam cleaner.

Move Objects from the Perimeters of Your Rooms

When preparing for bed bug extermination, you will have to move objects like your bed, television, photo frames and side tables if they are positioned against the wall. This will enable the bed bug exterminator to access to the perimeter of the room where bed bugs are known to hide and seek refuge.

Empty your Desks

While you are at it, also empty your desks, bookshelves and drawers because during extermination they will want to hide somewhere and these serve as good harborage places just like your closet.

All the above mentioned steps if followed can help you achieve brilliant and long-lasting bed bug extermination results. The preparatory steps may sound intensive but definitely worth it! Your efforts can help the exterminator easily access the potential bed bug hiding places and treat them fully.

Post Bed Bug Treatment Measures

Here are some post bed bug treatment measures to take once your home is exterminated for bed bugs:

  • Since the exterminator will be using chemicals to treat your home from bed bug infestation, it is advisable to leave your living place for 3 to 4 hours until the air is clear.
  • Wait for all your soft and hard furniture to dry before sitting or laying on them.
  • To prevent bed bugs from paying the next visit for the longest time, sanitation is must. Keep your home clean and maintain high hygiene standards. You may want to vacuum regularly to keep the bed bugs away.

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