Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania City Guide


The city of Wilkes-Barre is encumbered with pest and wildlife infestation problems; mainly due to its location and environment. Common pests in Wilkes-Barre includes rodents, flies, stick insects, termites, cockroaches, etc. Wildlife infestations are also a present threat in Wilkes-Barre due to the excessive nature and parks in the city.

Wilkes-Barre is located in the state of Pennsylvania, at the midpoint of the Wyoming Valley. On average, the city experiences 39 inches of rainfall, 32 inches of snow fall, and 177 days of sunshine per year. The month of July sees the warmest days of the year with temperatures reaching 79 degrees and the month of January sees the coldest days of the year with temperatures dropping to 12 degrees. Wilkes-Barre’s climate and environmental conditions contribute to the city’s ongoing pest infestation. Wilkes-Barre has many parks, mountains, rivers, etc. The city includes a lot of nature and wildlife, which is an additional contributing factor to pest and wildlife infestation.

Homeowners threatened with pest problems first resort to DIY methods to rid their homes of these pests, as it is the cheapest way of getting rid of these nuisances. A common DIY wildlife infestation preventional method is to ensure all doors and windows are closed and sealed when rooms are left unattended. Another method is to seal all holes, cracks and gaps inside and outside of the house. While this doesn’t get rid of them directly, it does help to reduce numbers and prevent any more from entering the home. This is a commonly used preventative tactic to reduce the number of wildlife creatures entering homes. The alternative DIY method includes ‘starving’ pests. This entails all food and drink items being stored away consequentially, cutting off food sources, setting traps, bait etc., such preventative methods help prevent and reduce pests entering the home.

However, DIY methods do not guarantee elimination or long lasting of highly effective results therefore, it is highly recommended that homeowners’ who are the victims of pest or wildlife infestation, hire a licensed and official pest controller to safely and quickly eliminate these culprits from homes. Orkin Pest Control is a nationwide pest controlling organization that has branches all across America. A highly reputed and trained company, with over a 100 years of pest elimination experience, they are trained to deal with almost every kind of pest problem. They provide home owners with accurate and professional knowledge of pest species and specified elimination processes for each species. Orkin conducts a thorough investigation of homes, provides detailed diagnostic plans and gives clients numerous options in ridding their homes of these pesky creatures. Other companies providing similar services to Orkin include; Mountain Pest Control, Seits Bros Exterminating and Colwell Termites and Pest Control.These qualified pest eliminators provide experienced and efficient advice and services in ridding a home of pest problems.

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