You’ve just moved into a new city and neighborhood, only to discover that the home you purchased is infested with pests – of all sorts. You’re not an expert on your new property, neither are you acquainted with the neighbours. Your best bet, however, is to find a pest control

company that is cost-effective.

Packing up is not an option, but finding a quality pest control service is. How can you go about doing so?  When searching for the services of a pest control company, be sure to check out the following tips below.

How to Select a Pest Control Company

1. Are they insured?

pest control company

Is your pest control company of choice insured?

Most important of all, did you check if the pest control company of choice is insured? Never make the mistake of assuming that every service you call will be licensed or insured in the state you live in. You do not want to be sued for damages if one of the exterminator injures himself on your property.

Contact their references if you aren’t sure. You can also put your shyness aside and ask the neighbors to refer you to an insured pest control service. If they refer you to a pest control service that has a positive reputation in the neighborhood, get up and contact them.

2. Is it a reputable service?

A reputable pest control service might have a website. Visit it and look for the testimonials and keep a good lookout for any negative ones. You can also look for reviews on Internet directories if a service does not have a website. You can definitely find reviews on Google once a thorough search is performed.

Consumers love to rant about their displeasure or positive experiences for the services they hire online.

3. What products do they use?

When you call a pest control service, make sure that you ask them about the type of pesticides they use. The one size fits all policy does not fit in pest control.

You cannot expect to eliminate rodents from the same bug spray you use on cockroaches. If the service you call uses the same pesticide for most of the pests that they are called on to eradicate, it’s best that you keep looking for a service that adopts a personalized approach to every infestation.

4. The price range

When it comes to service providers, cheaper rates do not always mean better services. Pest control services may try to attract more customers by claiming to offer cheaper services than their competitors.

pest control company

What pest control methods do they use?

However, such extermination packages might not have everything your home needs at the moment.
Of course, a good pest control service is always willing to work around your budget. If a service agrees to do so it’s a keeper.

5. Do they provide regular reports?

Extensive exterminations like tent fumigation call for regular reports. Ask the pest control company you call whether their employees keep customers updated on the progress of any extermination, especially if you are on a tight schedule.

You might have to ask if you’ve just relocated to a new city during a job transfer and don’t exactly relish the notion of staying in a motel room for long. Ask for a time limit. The service will probably have to send over someone to check the extent of your infestation.

See that they do. This is the only way they will be able to tell you how long the whole process is going to take.

6. Professionalism

Speaking of employees, it would serve you well if the service you eventually hire trains its staff on professionalism. Do they keep you on hold long? Do they keep you updated on your home’s progress? Do they have a history of delivering on their promises?

Are the pest control specialists in proper uniforms? Are all of their products properly labeled? If a pest control service ticks all of these requirements, hire them immediately.

In addition, a pest control specialist must also agree to walk you through the extermination process before he begins. This might include a description of the types of treatments he will use and how they will be used.

Ask the extermination service you call about how they usually conduct themselves during such situation. This will give you an idea about their competence and level of expertise. If the guy at the other end of the line has a habit of slurring his words or seems like he doesn’t know what he is talking about, it’s best that you hang up and try another service.

7. How do they handle recurrent infestations?

A good pest control service knows that infestation can be recurrent. Some pests like bed bugs can go for months without feeding and wait for their next meal ticket.

You must only agree to sign on a service that promises to come back the moment you suspect another possible infestation. Most reputable services agree to visit homes that they have already serviced on a monthly or quarterly basis.  You can discuss your problems with them then.

8. Diligence matters

The pest control industry has come a long way from simply spraying homes with pesticides. Pests have the tendency to develop immunity to pesticides if they get used to them.

A reputable pest control service should know this and should keep updated in this regard and be flexible enough to adopt appropriate techniques or products that will make it possible for them to overcome such challenges as they arise.

You cannot afford to have a pest control “specialist” throw up his hands in sheer frustration and yell, “I give up” and return your money just because your pest problem keeps coming back after every few months.

Remember, it is best to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to selecting a pest control company that you can count on. The integrity of your home and your comfort depend on it.


  1. Jeff Curtis 11:35 AM 27 July 2016

    Thanks for this helpful post on how tho choose a pest control company. I am thinking that it is getting to the point in my house that I am going to need pest control. I really like what you said about making sure that the company is insured. I also like what you mentioned about checking what they do for recurrent infestations. Thanks for the help!

    • Samantha Williams 6:35 AM 31 October 2016

      Thank you for stopping by, Jeff. We are happy that you thoroughly enjoyed the article. Hiring a pest control company is serious and should not be taken lightly

  2. Zequek Estrada 2:55 PM 7 November 2016

    I completely agree that cheaper rates don’t always mean better service. That’s something that can be applied to almost any investment. When it comes to pest control, that’s something I don’t think anyone should ever try to save money doing.

    • Samantha Williams 8:27 AM 11 November 2016

      Most definitely. When treating pests, you have to invest big.

  3. Nick Gonzalez 9:58 AM 8 November 2016

    Awesome overview here on picking a reputable pest control company.

    • Samantha Williams 8:28 AM 11 November 2016


  4. Toby 11:00 AM 22 November 2016

    Great information. I have been a pest control service provider for years now, and always tell people to do their own due diligence when they are looking for my services. Great information.

    • Samantha Williams 3:13 PM 26 November 2016

      Yup. Choosing the right pest control company is very important. It could even affect the results you get.

  5. Olivia Nelson 3:17 PM 13 December 2016

    I agree that you would check to see if a pest control company updates you on your home’s progress. I would imagine that knowing how the process is progressing would be really helpful. I’m looking for a pest control company for my home so I’ll have to find one who will keep me updated.

  6. Eastern 11:45 PM 9 January 2017

    100% agree with this article. Homeowners need to be aware that even though companies or individuals state that they’re licensed and insured on their website, it doesn’t always seem that way.

    Thank you for the your valuable insight.
    Two thumps up from,

  7. Scott Fisher 10:24 AM 13 February 2017

    When it comes to educating homeowners on pest control you are the best I’ve seen.

    • Samantha Williams 9:55 AM 15 February 2017

      Thanks, Scott.

  8. Scott Fisher 12:32 PM 14 February 2017

    I agree also. You have a lot of great points and it would be very difficult to come up with an argument.

  9. Braden Bills 9:36 AM 22 February 2017

    I want to make sure that I get the mice in my home taken care of. It makes sense that the first step would be finding the right person to take care of it! I’ll look for someone who uses products that are friendly to my home.

  10. Kyle Winters 6:40 PM 27 March 2017

    Considering that some pests will always find a way back it is good to know how the pest control company handles this. If they don’t acknowledge these recurring pests then it is best to find another company. Most good pest control companies will try to come up with some kind of plan to come by every couple of months and check for/remove the pests in question.

    • Samantha Williams 10:58 AM 3 April 2017

      This is definitely the case. A single attempt will never be able to completely get rid of pests.

  11. Jade Brunet 10:50 AM 20 April 2017

    It is good to know that one should make sure to ask pest control companies about the type of pesticides they use. I did not know that the one size fits all policy does not fit in pest control. If you have pets, it would be a good idea to ensure that the solution used is pet friendly.

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