Electronic pest repellers have been a godsend to homeowners who want to spare their families from the fumes of toxic pesticides. These are electronically powered devices that, as the name implies, are designed to repel and even eradicate pests. They are particularly effective against rodents as well as a variety of insects.

Some of the designs companies come up with are jealously guarded secrets. This is why they patent them. In fact, a patent is a sure indication of a product’s authenticity.

What is it?

One of the most popular of these devices is Riddex™ Pulse. It is in the form of a small device that helps users or homeowners get rid of mice, rodents and cockroaches from any area “guaranteed.” The manufacturers claim that the device uses “patented Digital Pulse Technology, powered by a Freescale Microprocessor, to help create an irritating environment for pests inside your walls.”

How does it work?

The device works by emitting a high pitched frequency or hum once it is plugged in. The sound is only audible to the highly sensitive ears of rodents and can also be detected by insects. According to the product’s website, Riddex™ Pulse comes with the following benefits –

  • Drives pests from a home humanely
  • Is safe to use even if your kids are around
  • One unit is more than enough for an entire level of a typical home
  • The device also has an LED light that acts like an indicator when it is activated. A built in nightlight also makes it easier to spot in the dark.

Does it work at all?

If the positive reviews at Amazon and other ecommerce stores are any indication, then yes, Riddex™ Pulse has worked for a number of homeowners who have used it. The fact that the company has managed to sell as much as 3 million of the devices to date is another indication of its authenticity.

Perhaps one of the most convenient aspects of the device is that it can also work in almost every type of home. It will work to eradicate rodents and roaches from your condo or apartment.

In fact, the manufacturers are so confident about the product, that they are even offering a 30 day money back guarantee. Its original price is $50, however, it now being sold for $29.95. The reduced price is part of the company’s chemical free campaign. In addition, the company is currently selling off two Riddex™Pulse devices for the price of one.

Riddex® Sonic Plus Pest Repeller with Side Outlets

Another product from the company, Riddex® Plus Pest Repeller with side outlets is also a success.
Here is what one user had to say about the product on Amazon.com –

“I had several mice behind downstairs walls searching for a warm place to spend the winter. The rustling was very audible. These devices promptly drove them out. After 3 weeks without a sign or sound, I conclude that these relatively inexpensive things work, at least with mice.”

The Verdict

The electronic pest control devices by Riddex® turn your home’s wiring into a giant pest repeller. In addition, they spare homeowners from resorting to toxic pesticides in order to eradicate stubborn pests such as mice, rats and roaches; pests that no one wants lurking near their family or contaminating their living space or food.

The small price is also a reprieve for homeowners who do not want to spend on chemical based pesticides or rely on traps. Given the chance, who wants to scrap away the carcass of a crushed mouse from a snap trap or expose their children to the sensitive traps?

So yes, the devices do offer people a convenient way to keep their homes pest free. The fact that the devices are safe for pets, and can be used to eradicate common house pests from almost any type of home, also make them worth your dollar.

Their small size doesn’t make them look out of place in a typical home, they can be plugged on sockets that are located higher up from the ground and still remain effective.


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