Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

As the 5th most populous city and 6th most populous metropolitan area in the United States, Philadelphia is home to a wide array of various creepy crawlies. The ‘City of Brotherly Love’ was also crowned the ‘City of Bed Bugs’ when in 2012 it was found to be home to the most pest control call outs for the extermination of this particular type of pest. However, there are many other bugs and critters that call Philadelphia home, and the following will give residents of the area information on the common pests to be on the lookout for.

Philadelphia falls into what is known as the ‘humid subtropical climate zone’. This leads to the city experiencing hot, muggy summers, a mild fall and spring, and cold winters. As a result of the diverse seasonality experienced throughout the region, a wide range of pest problems can also be found in and around the Philadelphia area. The demographic make-up of Philadelphia is largely urban, with a large suburban fringe that soon falls away into vast rural swathes. This makes the area prone to all manner of pest infestations, from typically ‘big city’ problems such as roaches and rats, to outer city pest issues like termites, spiders and wasps.

Some of the more common types of pest found in and around Philadelphia include bed bugs, ants and stink bugs. Bed bugs are most often found in buildings with a typically transient population, such as hotels and hostels, nursing homes, schools and offices. However, bed bugs love hitching a ride on unsuspecting carriers and easily travel from one domicile to the next. This means that if an occupant of a home has ever set foot in one of the above listed places, then their residence could be prone to a bed bug infestation. It is possible to rid a home of bed bugs independently. However this can be a lengthy, frustrating and expensive process. If not completed with 100 percent efficiency, attempted bed bug exterminations can result in rapid re-infestation.

Ants are also a common complaint in the area, with the odorous house ant posing a particular problem. Each colony of this type of ants contains populations numbering in the thousands, which can lead to obvious infestation problems. When crushed, these ants give off an unpleasant odor and are particularly attracted to food particles and debris around the home (making the suburban kitchen a very typical place for these pests to show up). To prevent ants from entering your home, keep everything clean and thoroughly wiped down, and dispose of rubbish regularly. You can also try creating soap and water ‘sticky barriers’ at common points of entry if these ants become a problem. A professional exterminator can help by finding and eliminating this pest problem at the source.

One of the leading pest control companies in the Philadelphia area is Moyer Indoor/Outdoor Pest Control, who have been servicing the Philadelphia area since 1869 (originally trading under the name ‘Moyer & Son’). Moyer provide a wide range of pest control solutions, and also offer a range of services related to property maintenance, including garden care and plumbing solutions. Other reputable pest control providers in the area include Modern Exterminating & Termite Control Co. Inc., Robert Davis Termite Control and B.C. Pest Control.

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