Somerset, Maryland

Somerset, Maryland

Due to the excessive amount of nature and climate of the community, Somerset has an ongoing and prominent pest problem. Due to the small size of the community, Somerset’s pest issues can be controlled, however, they cannot be solved completely as pests are always present. They seek shelter and food in homes during colder months and cause a lot of damage to property structure if they aren’t dealt with properly and effectively and can pose a threat to human and pet’s health.

The state of Maryland is based in the Mid-Atlantic region and is located near West Virginia, Washington D.C and Virginia. The capital city is Annapolis. It is the 42nd largest state in the US and the 19th most populated with around 6 million residents. The state has a lot of nature and wildlife and includes a vast range of rivers, lakes, parks and forests. Somerset is located in the Montgomery County of Maryland and has a population of around 2,000 residents. The houses in the small community are mostly constructed of wood, which is one of the reasons why pests such as termites, ants and cockroaches infest homes. The wood provides such creatures with food and shelter. When pests infest these homes, they can cause a lot of damage to the structure of property and the health of home owners. The climate of Somerset is also another reason why pests invade homes, on average, the community gets 44 inches of rainfall, 21 inches of snowfall and 197 sunny days per year. The month of July gets the hottest days of the year with temperatures reaching 89 degrees and the month of January gets the coldest days of the year with temperatures reaching 24 degrees.

Although pests are known for being a health hazard and carrying a lot of diseases and bacteria, they also cause a lot of damage to property and its structure, which can lead to repairs costing thousands and insurance prices increasing. The most property damaging and common pests are rodents and termites. Termites are known to be beneficial to the environment as they break down debris, dead leaf and plants, however, they also have a reputation for being a nightmare in homes and causing a lot of damage to property structures. Many home supports and foundations are constructed of wood and metal, termites are capable of chewing through these materials as well as most others easily and feed on ceilings, doors, kitchen cabinets, wooden furniture etc. Despite them being incredibly small in size, large infestations are made up of thousands of termites that breed rapidly and, when feeding together, can cause such extreme damage to a properties structure that it is no longer safe to live in.

Rodents also have the ability to cause a lot of serious and expensive damage to the structure and fixtures of a property as they have strong jaws and teeth that enable them to gnaw through just about any material. Rats pose more of a threat than termites as they chew through wires and this could quite easily cause an electrical fire to start. It could cost homeowners hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars to repair damage caused by rats and termites and many insurance companies either only cover a small amount of the repair costs or none at all.

Many homeowners try and resolve their pest issues themselves to save money before they consult a professional. These tactics include filling holes and crevices with cement and steel wool to prevent pest from entering homes and increasing infestation sizes, setting traps to kill large pests such as rodents and storing all food products away properly in pest-proof containers and jars to prevent them from contaminating food. Although these methods are effective on small infestations, they are unsuccessful with large infestations that require more aggressive and direct methods to effectively get rid of them. Professional pest controllers and exterminators have the right equipment and expertise to properly get rid of pests in a safe and rapid way.

American Pest is a popular pest removal company that conducts inspections of homes to identify certain pest problems, use a combination of knowledge and advanced equipment to get rid of pests and offer clients options to suit their budgets and needs. Hiring a profession to deal with pest problems ensures they are removed completely and quickly.

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