Anchorage, Alaska City Guide

The most populous northerly state in the United States, Anchorage also ranks as the state of Alaska’s most heavily populated city. With approximately 300,000 residents, the city contains around half of the state’s total population. The city spans an enormous area of almost 2,000 square miles, which includes an urban core of moderate population density, as well as a number of smaller townships and state forest.

Anchorage, AlaskaThe climate in Anchorage is classified as ‘subarctic’, and is also influenced by its maritime positioning. This sees the city experience warm, if mild summers, and cold winters. The city’s far northern latitude limits the amount of sunlight hours during the winter, limiting certain pest activity during this time of year.

Common pest complaints that may occur in the Anchorage area include bed bugs, termites, and small animals, including squirrels and raccoons. Bedbugs are a pest problem all throughout the US, with Anchorage being no exception to that rule. These little guys can perhaps be best described as ‘professional hitchhikers’, in that they move from property to property on the bodies and possession of their human targets. This means that the climate does not play a significant factor in bed bug activity, and these pests can be an active problem throughout the year – even during the harsh Alaskan winter! In order to remove the problem of bed bug infestation from a home, extermination must be complete. These creepy crawlies can re-start the infestation cycle if even just a couple are left undisturbed. For this reason, bed bug extermination is best left to the professionals. Often, pest control service providers make use of various advanced technologies (such as heat treatment units) to eradicate bed bug problems that are not typically available to amateur exterminators.

Another pest problem in the Anchorage area that can occur from time to time is infestation by pest animals, including raccoons and squirrels. These critters often try to nest inside the roof and wall spaces of a home and are often driven into warm homes for shelter from the harsh Alaskan climate. The proximity of many Anchorage home to the Alaskan wilderness makes incursions by these pest more likely. In order to keep these pests from entering a domicile, care should be taken to cover up potential entry points using wire or cloth netting, and to keep tree branches cut short and cleared where they extend close to a building. If it is suspected that a wild critter population is cohabiting in a domicile, a pest removal agent should be contacted to arrange for removal. They can also provide advice and implement prevention methods for keeping pest animals from re-entering your home.

One of the most reputable pest control service providers in the Anchorage area is Pied Piper Pest Control. This company has been serving the area’s pest control needs since 1965 and offers a range of different extermination and treatment services, from termite control to wild animal removal. Pied Piper’s speciality is bed bug removal and they have a staff of highly trained experts to carry out bed bug identification and extermination. Other popular pest control companies in the Anchorage area include Pest Control Inc. Anchorage and Alaska Affordable Pest Control Service.

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