Essex Junction, Vermont

Essex Junction, Vermont

Due to Essex Junctions cold and mild climate, homes are often infested with pests. The climate conditions of Essex Junction render the village unsuitable for pests to survive outdoors. As such, because of the village’s bitter weather, homeowners see pests all year round and are likely to have infestations on more than one occasion.

With a population of around 10,000, Essex Junction is a village in the town of Essex which is based in Chittenden County. Vermont is located in the New England Region of the north-eastern US and is the sixth smallest state in the area and the second least populated in the US. Vermont has a lot of natural scenes and lakes. Therefore, pests are an expected and common problem within the State. The climate in Vermont is categorized as ‘Continental Moist’. This is because summers are generally mild and winters are cold. This is one of the prime reasons why pests enter homes. They usually do during winter and autumn to escape the cold weather and also the lack of food sources. Vermont has four seasons and is often called ‘the four season state’. Essex Junction gets on average 39 inches of rainfall, 83 inches of snowfall and 161 sunny days every year. The month of July has the hottest days of the year with temperatures reaching 80 degrees and the month of January has the coldest days of the year with temperatures dropping to 7 degrees. Due to the extremely cold winters in Vermont and general mild weather, homeowners experience pests all year round as opposed to seasonally.

Pests carry a lot of diseases and bacteria and also cause a lot of structural damages to buildings, leading to costly repairs in the thousands, which consequentially, increases home insurance prices. The most common pests found in Essex Junction homes are termites and rodents and these are also the most damaging pests for building structures.

Termites can cause extreme damage to homes that cost thousands to repair. Many homes are constructed from wood and termites are capable of chewing easily through it. They are capable of getting through just about most materials and also feed on wooden furniture, ceilings, doors, kitchen cabinets etc. Although they are tiny creature, they feed in large groups of thousands and within a matter of months could destroy the structure of a property so bad that it would no longer be safe to live in.

Rodents are also highly capable of causing serious damage to the structure of a property as they have the ability and jaws to gnaw through wood, pipes, furniture etc. Rats are an even bigger threat than termites as they often chew through wires and could quite easily cause an electrical fire, putting residents lives at risk. Rat’s incisors constantly grown and they gnaw to keep them short, because of the amount of pressure and force they have to use to grind them down, they cause a lot of damage to wood and furniture especially. It can cost hundreds, maybe thousands, to replace damaged wood, wires, furniture etc. and many insurance companies either don’t cover pest damage or they don’t cover all the repair costs.

In an effort to save money, many home owners try to get rid of pests themselves before consulting an expert. These methods include filling and blocking all holes inside and outside properties with cement and steel wool to prevent pests from entering the home and increasing the size of each infestation. Traps and bait is one of the most common methods used to get rid of pests, but this can be tedious and time consuming. Other methods of DIY pest control include putting down poison in areas where they are likely to be or have been seen and using strong essential oils and scents to make them feel unwelcome and ward them off.

Although these methods can have an effect on minor infestations, they are unsuccessful on larger ones. These methods may reduce numbers and keep pests at bay, however, they do not get rid of them and are better prevention methods than removal ones.

Hiring an exterminator or pest controller is one of the most successful and reliable ways of getting rid of pests. They have all the specialist equipment and training to get rid of pests in the correct and easiest way. Grenier’s Pest Control is a family-owned-and-operated pest controlling company that has been in the business since 1987. They provide clients with high quality and professional pest control and removal services, conduct thorough and detailed inspections of properties, identify the pest problem and offer advice and solutions. Another company similar to this is L/R Pest Elimination Services. Both companies offer excellent and effective services, and guarantee to eliminate any pest infestation, no matter how small or large.

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