Newark, New Jersey

Newark, New Jersey

There is ongoing war between homeowners of Newark, New Jersey and the city’s large pest infestation; carpenter ants, termites, wasps, bees, rats and spiders. These pests are a common and continuous problem within the city because its average weather is the perfect climate for such pests to survive in.

Newark is the biggest city in the state of New Jersey, within the city there are numerous parks, plants and flowers; which form the perfect living and breeding grounds for wasps and bees, hence why the city is overpopulated with bees and wasps.

Located half way between the Equator and the North Pole on the eastern coast of the USA, the geographical location of the state of New Jersey   means the city is constantly altered by dry, hot, wet and cold airstreams, making daily weather highly unpredictable and inconsistent. January is the coldest month in Newark with temperatures averaging in the upper 30’s and 40’s and mid 20’s hitting overnight. Newark sees an average of 45 inches of rainfall spread over 120 days a year, with the driest season being autumn; with thunderstorms occurring approximately 25 to 30 times a year. The city gets an average of 206 days of sun each year, with temperatures reaching around 85 degrees in the summer.

Ants, spiders, bees and mice are the most common pest problems reported by frustrated homeowners. Each species brings different dangers and threats, ranging from structural damages to homes (ants), diseases and infections (mice), pain and allergic reactions (bee stings) and in some cases, lethal consequences (spider bites). Newark city is predominant amongst cities with pest infestations; this inevitably means that many homeowners are likely to be victims of infestations. Homeowners have tried various different methods to rid their homes of these nuisances, the most common being DIY pest controlling. These methods vary from using multipurpose insect sprays to setting traps and placing pesticide or poison in locations known to be visited by pests. These methods are not very effective in face of the extent of the city’s infestation therefore, while they can reduce the number of insects and rodents in homes, they cannot completely eliminate them.

DIY methods are temporary solutions to a problem that could become permanent if not dealt with as soon as identified. Despite these methods being ineffective, they are preferred by many homeowners due to the low costs; homeowners prefer to use these cost effective methods   before seeking professional help through pest controlling organisations.

 A second option to ridding homes of these pesticides, and more cost effective for homeowners, is the preventative method of ensuring no food is left out on counter tops or on utensils, by storing all food in air tight, strong plastic containers. This prevents the pests from feeding in homes and eventually leads them away from places where no food is easily available. Alternatively, homeowners not wishing to deal with such pesky matters themselves have the option of consulting and hiring pest control professionals.

 Homeowners, who prefer to use the services of a licensed pest controller, have a large selection of organisations and exterminators to choose from in Newark. For example, Narciso Termite and Pest Control are fully licensed and insured organisations, providing clients with relevant and detailed advice and information.  Other organisations include Emergency Pest Control, Vangard Pest Control and Afco Pest Control. Such organisations promise to eliminate pests from homes by providing individually planned pest control treatments, at a cost.

Nevertheless, whatever method one adopts to get rid of these pests, realistically speaking, they can and will not be completely eliminated. The climate in Newark attracts such pesticides, and one can not change the climate. However, the aforementioned remedies provide immense assistance in reducing the pest population.

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