Houston, Texas City Guide

Pest invasion is a common occurrence in Houston, TX. It’s the ideal location for scorpions and insects that relish the tremendous feeling of warmth. Why is this city a haven for these critters?

Boasting a humid subtropical climate, Houston, TX perches on the gulf coastal plain and is situated in close proximity to the border of Buffalo Bayou, otherwise dubbed Allen’s Landing. As of 2011, Houston brandished the third tallest skyline found in North America. Unfrequented by tornadoes, in comparison to surrounding cities, winds gushing in from the south and severe thunderstorms would fearlessly lead tornadoes to the area. Overall, Houston is graced with approximately 204 hot days, moderate temperatures with exquisite sunshine and mild winters. To effectively deal with hot seasons, the majority of facilities in Houston, including vehicles, use air conditioning. Amidst the beauty and the most humungous city of Southern US, Houston is known as the number 1 bug chill out spot.

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Houston Cityscape

Houston’s climate is a major factor affecting the multiplication of bugs within the area. Frankly, they’re pretty annoying, invasive and privy to the comforts of residents’ beds.

On average, one can expect a formal greeting from pests such as roaches, infamous termites, ants, silverfish, rats and the list continues. Regardless of the climatic or weathering conditions, pests can be seen throughout the year. Most homeowners opt to oust these invaders through DIY pest control techniques but are often unsuccessful. These techniques vary depending on the kind of pest involved. A simple technique employed for ousting roaches from Houston homes include ‘starving’ them, keeping kitchen utensils and equipment clean, and eradicating crumbs within the home.

Extreme techniques used against cockroaches include setting traps, baits, and spraying chemicals. While DIY methods save homeowners money, this route is not always the most ‘effective’ in ridding the home of pests.

According to the Texas Structural Pest Control Act, a pesticide should be applied under the direct supervision of a certified commercial applicator. The physical presence of such certified exterminator is not required but assistance and consultation should be given if a homeowner decides to apply chemicals within the home. The Act also stipulates that an individual can use pesticides, insecticides, allied chemicals, fumigants and others, provided that there’s no prohibition of such item by the states, the item was not banned, and the home is owned by the individual or a joint venture.

For homeowners who prefer the services of a licensed pest control company, Houston, TX provides various local options. For over 60 years, companies such as ABC, has offered their pest control services endlessly. In fact, for commercial and residential pest control, ABC has earned its name among residents. The company is thorough in their assessments by providing relevant information, addressing the source of a pest situation and even creating personalized pest control options. Other major suppliers in the game include Got Em’ Pest Control’, Bee Wild Pest Control, Economy Pest Control and multiple others.

For every climatic condition in Houston, TX, there’s a pest to contest it. Instead of contesting with rats for the last crumb or competing with spiders for the strongest web, it’s highly advised that residents secure the services of a licensed contractor to conduct a complete pest inspection of their homes and provide the necessary preventative measures for pest control.

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